System requirements for BD Writers (LG GBW-H20L)

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the LG GBW-H20L. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]What are the minimum system requirements for installation of blu ray writers

Recommended minimum … 1Ghz Athlon or Pentium 3, Spare Sata Ports, 512MB ram, 80GB HDD & WinXP.

For preference, if your specs are this low (particularly the HDD), I’d recommend a second HDD for burning from.

If you have a HDD above 250GB, you can get away with just a single HDD :wink:

If you want to play bluray, I’d recommend an athlon X2 4400+ (or any intel Core2 Cpu), 2GB ram, Decent, PCI-E Graphics card that has onboard H.264 decoding - for preference Vista, but XP is OK.

Also, Cyberlinks and Arcsoft have BluRay compatibility scanners that can tell you where your current system stacks up to the requirements :slight_smile:

also if you want to watch the movies, like debro said, you need decent dual core and video card with hardware acceleration for h264/vc1/mpeg2. If your video card doesn’t have hardware acceleration, or the software that you are using doesn’t support it. you will need VERY high clock dual core or quad core (if CPU only).

Also HDCP enabled video card and monitor should be used if you want full resolution playback, unless you want to buy AnyDVD HD (quite expensive).

by the way… im looking for a bd-writter, bc i used a lot of dvd disc as backups. but, im planning to install a bd writter on a PIII 800mhz 128 mb ram, 10gb hdd installed on a winxp system. ill also buy a 1.5 tb hdd to install on that pc. do u think it would work ok… just thinking on the backup issue ???

hope to hear something soon from you guys… thankz:rolleyes:

You can read & burn with a BDWriter with that PC specs.

128MB with WinXP is incredibly tight - Upgrade your ram to 512MB… i’m sure you can find some PC133 on ebay for $10 :stuck_out_tongue:
Without the HDD upgrade, you aren’t going anywhere with that BD reader/writer. BD’s are upto 50GB, and BDR/E’s are 25 or 50Gb too. 10GB HDD means you’ll be pulling everything across the network to burn - not recommended :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t expect to be playing any BD movies on that PC. It’s too slow.

yep… thankz for the reply… by the way… :wink:
i bought yesterday a 1.5 tb hdd …
i was needing that lil crap… lol
to try to recover a full 1tb hdd with contents, which ive lost them…
and the bd writter would be only for burning purposes…
bc i use that pc just for emule , torrents & mirc downloads… that pc is used as a download server… just that… :wink:

and about the memory issue… i wont buy bc some memory slots on that mb are damaged… and am planing to get a new pc… which ill use as a media center…

the specs are

Motherboard: ECS A790GXM-A
Processor: AMD 7750 ( Athlon 64 X2 2.7 )
Memory: 2 x Corsair 2GB 1066 mhz
2 HDD ( 1 TB & 1.5 TB HDD’s )
Display: Samsung LCD TV 46 Full HD (Samsung LN-46A550)

for now those are the main specs… im thinking which power supply ill get… still thinking… by the way my friend, what do u think about the initial specs ??? does it worth the bullet ??? lols