System requirements for a DVD burner


I have a little server pc here, that I use for data storage and webserver.
If i want to burn something, i have to copy it first to another pc before i can burn it, because my server doesnt have a dvd burner.

Server specs:

  • Pentium 3 450mhz
  • 385mb SD-ram memory
  • 2x 160Gb, 2x 80GB hdd’s (the 160’s are software RAID striped).

If I look at the sys req’s of Nero 7, it says I need at least 800mhz of CPU speed.

It is wise to buy a DVD burner for my server, or is my serversimply too slow for burning CD’s and DVD’s??

Greetings marco

I think it might barely be able to do CD or DVD burning. It’s possible it’s just too slow. I’m not sure though.

You should be able to burn CDs no problem.

I’m guessing you’ll have problems in burning DVDs. You might just be able to make some functional DVD backups but if you’re into DVD Authoring, you can forget about it. Your CPU is just too slow for Authoring.

Its just plain burning of CD/DVD images, and using it with Veritas.
Is it good enough for that? ??

Well, I’ve never tried burning DVD images with a 450 Mhz CPU but I’m guessing that it should do okay.

Make sure you buy an IDE DVD Burner. You’re probably going to have bothing but problems with an ATA or an EIDE DVD Burner.

Hmm i need someone with experience doing this because i dont want to buy a burner that i cant use with my server.

Your server is fine for burning CDs and DVDs.

An even older machine (400MHz Celeron) I set up was able to burn DVDs at 8x without a sweat, so yours should do fine at the same speed.

You may not be able to burn at a full 16x speed, however.

In addition, maybe try some freeware that doesn’t use as much RAM as Nero 7 - or try the latest version of Nero 6, which isn’t as hoggy :slight_smile:

DeepBurner (not the pay version), CDBurnerXP Pro, and ImgBurn are all good programs to have in your collection, and all free. :slight_smile:

Well ownestly i never use Nero to burn images, i only use alcohol 120 and IMGburn for it. But I googled for the sys reqs of Nero 7.

Anyone experience burning with veritas ?

Imgburn v2 - you cannot go wrong with this.