System requirements for 4163B

I just bought the GSA-4163B burner and I’m about to install it. I was just reading the manual and it says that the system requirements are a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz system and also a 128 MB video card. However, I only have a 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 (Celeron) and a 64 MB video card.

Will I be able to use this burner ? Are strict are these system requirements ? If I am able to use it will I lose any performance ?

Thanks for your help

Your PC is good enough for the fastest DVD burning in the world. :slight_smile:

I am using a Matrox G450 AGP card here for GSA-4163/5163.

Hi, I tried to post the same question 5 hours before this came up. (Spooky because I thought it had gone through … but didn’t!!!)
My system is a few years old now and is only a Pentium 3 670. I’ve been trying to find out for past hour what memory is on my video card but it is 32M at most. (Riva TNT2). I’ve been visiting this and other Forums and have concluded I’d like to buy the LG GSA4163b. I could accept a slightly lower performance than the specs IF I can at least use this unit until I upgrade or partially upgrade in the future (maybe a year!)
I can purchase here in Australia for $AUD 113.00 (=$US85.00 approx)
Thanks in advance

Riva TNT 2 should do as well.

Gee I just read Jan70’s great review again and noticed it says that OS platform required starts at Windows ME. I’m still using 98SE. So is it definite that I’ll have to upgrade to (say) XP??? I’ve hung onto 98se because there are less virus and security attacks written toward older platforms.

Windows 2003 and NTFS are probably better for security.

I was just going to install Windows 95 on a PC with 32MB PC100/133 memory.

So when LG lists these system requirements I’m assuming they are “recommended” requirements and not “minimum” requirements ??

Hm. Not just LG. When they say “minimum” and “recommended” specifications for PC, they are usually saying they recommend something for minimum and something higher for recommended because they mainly tested in such PC environments. It’s the motherboard, and motherboard chipset manufacturers that should really take care of those requirements.

I’ve got a PC that’s a P-200 with 40MB of RAM running Win98SE (pretty much just the OS). When the next 41XX drive comes out, my 4082 will get moved to that machine. I will let you know what it can do!

I have a lot of LX motherboards for P-II.

Thanks for your help Kenny. After I made my last post, I visited LG site and found the specs that showed Win98se and was very plesed. When off line, I looked in history file to view Jan70’s review again about OS’s supported. Whilst he didn’t mention 98se, a close look at the photos of the box you can make out that it says win98se :slight_smile:
So today I ordered one via the Net from (Sydney) and will have it in about a week. They sold their last one the day before :frowning: and their supplier is awaiting stock too.
For anyone in Australia looking to buy one I recommend they look at

Hm. A week… really slow turnover.

Greetengs Kenny
Just wanted to ask for system requirements for this 4163. I have AMD XP 2100+, MSI KT4AV MB, 256Mb pc 2700 DDR RAM memory, GeForce4 mx 440 with 64MB of RAM memory is this enough for this writer cause i have seen on a retail package it says 512MB RAM minimum requirements.
Thanx! :slight_smile:

256MB memory is not good for 16x DVD burning in my opinion. My applications use a lot of memory these days. I have 1GB on this PC right now. Another 1GB on the server where the webpages linked on my signature are also running. More gigabytes on other computers.

Check your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del if you are running Windows 2000 or XP or 2003 to find out how much memory is being used and how much HDD space is used for caching files. When I am browsing multiple webpages, Internet Explorer alone uses about 100-200MB memory.

Use RAM for various “temp” things. It makes many things faster and cooler. 1GB is what I recommend since two modules of 512MB DDR-SDRAM is reasonably cheap now. For most people, 256MB should be enough for 16x DVD burning.

Kenny thanx for help,
I know that more RAM memory is better, right know I am little short with money so I will take a DVD writer now and next month new memory module. For me 512MB is ok since I am not advanced user. Task manager says that I have physical memory 261616 and that is available 95526 bytes memory right now and system cache is 128232. Concerning hard disk it says 201176 and that the maximum is 633056.

You are using about 170MB out of 256MB RAM. It should do for now and a little better with an added 256MB. I don’t know how much a 256MB module costs where you are, but the price in mass quantity (but in just hundreds) here is about US$30 per module.

i too have just purchased the GSA-4163B and am concerned over the system spec’s. i purchased online from a uk web site. this web site did not specify that a pentium 4, 2.4Ghz CPU or higher would be required and i am certain i did not see any info advising this on the LG web site.
ive installed it and basicaly it doesnt work…windows recognises it…but i can not do even a simple copy a file to disk operation as the drive does not acknowledge that it has a disc in it…also it wont play an audio cd…its set up as a master…and i have the sound card lead connected in the right place…once an audio disc is in, i cant even explore the disk.

my system is windows xp pro…512 MB…256 Mb graphics card…AMD Athlon XP 1800+ processor…

now am i to purely belive that the only way the burner is going to work is if i purchase a new processor?

or is it faulty?
advise appreciated

Not at all. Your Athlon prcoesser is fast enough for 16x or even 30x DVD burning.

I have an Athlon 500 processor with 256 Mb Ram, It’s enough for the GSA-4163B burner? I want to know it before buying it…Thanks in advance.

No prob…