System Requirement for NEC 1300A Drive



Hi Folks:

I am using a Tecra 8100 (PIII 500, 256 meg ram, 12 gb HD, generic sound and video card) and I am planning to buy a NEC 1300A dual format drive. I am also going to put the dvd burner in an enclosure and use it as an external burner.

Given my mediocre system, is it a good idea to use a new dvd burner model? Would my system even support the drive? I don’t play PS2 game and all I’m going to use the drive to do is to back up my avi files (currently at an appalling 800 gb level).

I’ve read the posts in this forum about the NEC 1300A drive and I have a sense of people’s opinion about it. Yet would anyone be able to give me some advice on whether or not I should make the purchase? I can get a brand new drive for $210 usd, including taxes and shipping charge.

Thanks you



Well the drive can easily be built into your system (or installed as external device, if you have a fast interface like USB2 or firewire), but your harddisk is pretty small. Ok, when only installing Windows 98 on it, 12Gb might do, but I suggest to invest an additional (small) amount of money in a new HD. For less than $100 you can get a fast 80Gb disk, giving you enough room to play with any AVI->DVD (MPEG2) conversion you want…

Just one thing: as your system isn’t the fastest on earth, conversions can take a long time!


I’ve succesfully installed a NEC 1300A on a Dell Dimension T450, running Win 98se.

You’ll be fine, once you add a second hard drive and maybe double the RAM.

I was pleasantly surprised at how software like DVDShrink is still fast, even on a slow 450 Mhz system like mine.