System recovery image using BackItUp




I have Nero 6 Reloaded, the actual versions, on win xp pro sp2.
I am just after fresh installation of the OS and all applications I use.
All applications and the OS are customized to my requirements.
All drivers are up-to-date and patches present.

It is the best moment to create a recovery image of my system partition,
where the applications are installed too.

Do you think, the Nero BackItUp will manage to create an image
of partition, it is self installed on and running from during the
process of image creation ?
Actually, should I not have installed the BackItUp on a different disk and OS
then those to be backed-up, and then start the image creation process ?
But I have only one OS installation.

Thank you for any hint in advance. The Ahead team is unable to answer my question. They are redirecting me to the manuals being not enough in-depth.


Well. If nobody knows the answer to my question,
maybe can you tell me how are you creating the recovery
image of your system partition where all your applications are installed too ?
For the case the system installations gets some times corrupted.


Well. Nobody knows.

Maybe you can tell me then, in what burning-focused forum I can find the answer to my question ?


I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would not trust anything more valuable than a blank DVD to Nero. The inability of the Ahead team should tell you all you need to know about this software. What you need is some proper imaging software from Acronis or Paragon. I really hate Symantec so would find it difficult to advise Ghost…aparently it is quite good.