System reboot a06



have been using TOSHIBA DVD RAM SW2002 with pioneer a105 dvd-rw with NERO incd 3.51

upgrade to pioneer a106 & incd 4 with existing toshiba dvd ram

insert a cd disc in the pioneer a106 & the system would reboot.

replace the a106 with the a105 & no problem.

what do you think it is?



try changing the jumper pin on the back of it to the third one along, past master, past slave, cant remember what its called something like cable select.

when i installed my pioneer 106 on xp sp1 it would start windows, then would say found new hardware, then would restart, it would do this continously. when i changed this it worked fine and burnt properly in nero 6 rather than saying device is in use.

hope this helps !