System Properties Doesn't show Cpu Speed

Hi. I’m wondering how to fix this problem. I’m running Windows XP Home SP3 Edition. Somehow I’m not quite sure what happened my general tab of the system properties doesn’t show the cpu speed. It only shows the amount of ram. I think it happened when I installed and uninstalled a software called motherboard monitor. In addition, usually when I run dxdiag, the System tab shows the System Manufacturer, System Model, and Bios. Now this information is gone as well. I think this software messed up the cpu, manufacturer, model, and bios strings within windows registry.

I’ve googled for a resolution and also consulted the microsoft support page and nothing really helps.

If anyone is familiar with this problem, let me know. Thanks.

I had this same thing happened and corected it by doing the following:

Start>Run>type in:services.msc>OK

Now scroll down to Event Viewer (or Event Logger). Double Click on it and make the Startup type Automatic from the drop down box. Click Apply. Also click on the Start button to start the service. Click OK.