System Occassional Hang When Using LG Writer

Trying to back up a DVD that has quite a few faulty/failing sectors (probably due to deteriorating media; as there are very few very minor scrape/scratch marks on the disc).

Using IsoPuzzle in conjunction with AnyDVD. AnyDVD de-protects the disc and IsoPuzzle will (attempt to) copy all sectors, including faulty/failing ones.

I’m using several DVD writers for the process of backing up the disc, but one of the main ones I’m using is LG GH24NSD1.

In IsoPuzzle I’ve set the options “Cycle Tray” and “Allow Cooldown” to on (check marked) under “On Permanent Failure” box.

Every now and then IsoPuzzle will cycle the DVD writer tray which has the faulty/failing disc in it.

When the tray closes again, AnyDVD will re-read the protection on the disc and apply de-protection measures. Then the disc will become available to IsoPuzzle once again for continuing the reading procedure.

Most of the time there is no problem, but on odd occasion the system seems to hang/freeze while AnyDVD is (apparently) still trying to read the disc (after the tray closes) before passing it over to the system and onto IsoPuzzle. In this case I usually have to reset the computer by using the reset button on the case.

The issue seems to be a bit worse under Windows 7 (64-bit), but it also happens while running under Windows XP.

I think on one occasion (while running under Windows 7), the LG GH24NSD1 writer seemed to disappear from the list of drives available to the system, until I reset the system!? Also, on odd occasions, although not very recently, a message would sometimes appear saying to insert a disc when the disc had already been inserted!

Suspecting either a faulty drive, and/or faulty SATA cable, and/or faulty SATA port, and/or loose connection(s), I’ve made sure all power and data connections to/from the LG writer are secure. I’ve also changed to another SATA port on the motherboard. But I haven’t (yet) tried another SATA cable as I don’t (yet) have one spare.

No other programs are running in the background, such as anti-virus etc.

If the “Cycle Tray” and “Allow Cooldown” options are UNCHECKED in IsoPuzzle, then the tray will not cycle, and I’ve found that there is no problem and everything seems to work fine.

Using a Lite On iHAS124 DVD writer for reading instead of the LG writer, there haven’t been any (obvious) issues so far. So this suggests a problem with the LG writer(?)

Anyone have similar problems? Ideas?

Just a few ideas…

Maybe the drive and the SATA controller don’t get along very well.

Maybe the drive is passing its read errors along to the SATA controller (or the OS) & ends up getting soft-disconnected until a reboot.

Maybe the drive, despite all attempts to avoid this, is overheating & goes offline until a reboot.

Maybe the drive and AnyDVD don’t get along well; see if you can alter any settings within AnyDVD, like the settings which affect how region protection work.

See if the issue occurs with other software that can perform read retries upon read errors (but isn’t made specifically to recover data from bad discs), like ImgBurn.

Are there any errors reported in any of the log files?

Still looking into this issue, but at this stage it appears that there might be a hardware fault with the drive which becomes obvious/active after the drive has been used for awhile (heat related cause?).

The driver software (Microsoft) is the same for all optical drives.

Region settings are the same.

Possible disc inserted and/or tray closed sensor(s) fault?

Haven’t (as yet) checked/enabled any log files.

After a bit more checking and experimentation, the GH24NSD1 writer has now been RMA’d, as it is suspected there is a writer hardware issue related to the tray.

We’ll see how the replacement writer goes, when I receive it next week!