System locks/hangs after burn


My operating system is windows XP home edition which includes WMP9 (all burns from WMP9 that I did before getting Nero are of poor quality i.e. skip and tracking problems), my Cd writer is manufactured by Standard Cd roms, and I burn with Nero V6.

The problem is that when I burn a CD my system hangs/locks up.

All Neros functionality is usually lost, closing the programme down through task manager is difficult and I usually have to restart the PC.

Sometimes I can burn two Cds in one session before having to restart my PC , but between the first and second burn the system hangs for up to ten minutes then burns the CD OK.

Thanks for reading I hope you can help and give me a few pointers.

AS you have XP, I would start burning the CD and then get task manager up and see that process (if any) is freezing the computer (if you don’t know under the process tab look for a high number in the CPU column), if’s it Nero then try another burning software and see if it happens there as well.
If it’s another process then find out what that is and stop it before burning any more discs.

If it is not any then it looks like your burner could be a bit ill.

This has happened on my Pentium 3, it would start burning and then just stay there for no real reason. I eventually re-installed XP and everything was fine again. My pentium 3 is my test rig and gets a fair bit of punishment, so I just put it down to the wrong combination of software.

Let us know what you find.

Sorry about the time delay, been away from my PC for a while.

Tried burning and put task manager up, nothing was really using up the CPU apart from nero and that was quite a low percentage.

After the burn the usual happended the programme, nero, 1ocked/froze and was very difficult to close down,
I had to restart the PC via the restart button, if I use taskmanager to try and close nero it will not close down.



Try updating nero as the early versions of Nero 6 where quite buggy.