System hangs while compressing DVD


since a couple of days, my system will hang when compressing a ripped commercial DVD to fit on a 4.7 DVD. It doesnt matter if I use DVD shrink or CloneDVD, it freezes and then shutdown. I never used to have this problem before…anyone experienced such issue?? I have plenty of disk space, basically nothing changed in my system since last time I was able to compress them succesfully except I installed microsoft anti-spyware software which I then removed.

My system is windows XP - Sp2 (all latest patch), ASUS A7N8x-deluxe with 512 mb DDR. I am not sure of the nforce driver version since its been a long time since I installed them (system was rock stable)

can someone point me in the right direction to look at, i really want to resolve this issue asap


It can be overheating, since the cpu is used at % higher then 50. Does it only crash when ripping ? Odd…