System hangs when I try to write a music disc

Hi, all. I am having a problem that is making me very very angry. Maybe someone here can give me a hand. I will start and tell you what I am running and then my problem. I am running a AMD Athlon 1000mhz CPU with 256MB Ram, LG 12x DVD ROM, NEC NR-7700A 12x10x32 CDRW. Running Windows 98 with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.02b. My problem is that whenever I go to write a Music cd on a CDR, my system will hang sometime during the recording of the first track. I can write a data CD on a CDRW and VCD on CDR just fine, but cannot write a music disc. I even formatted my hard drive and started from scratch and I still have the problem. Right now all I have installed is windows and the cd writer software. Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Just try Nero and find out if it’s a softwareproblem or you’re writer is fucked up! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose you are copying audio “on the fly”. When doing so, you must disable auto notification in property’s of your cdrom, because otherwise mediaplayer starts too, and that action is not appreciated, when you try to copy.