System Hangs on Playing movie cd with bad tracks

I am really happy i found this forum specialized in CD. :bow: .
Iam sure someone could solve the problem i have for past 2 years with my system.Iam using win2k and samsung CD RW 52x .The Problem is when i play movie which have some tracks which is not readable(bad tracks) the cd gets locked inside and system becomes dead slow it doenst even react to Alt+cntrl+Del.It just keeps on reading the CD,iam not able to eject the cd out . 99% of this hang happens when playing movie with bad track.When i play the same cd in CD-R it just skips that track and keeps going else it quits the movie player but i can take CD out at any time in CD-R.This CD-RW problem only happens in windows 2000 and Windows 2003.When i come across the same problem while i was using WIN XP i was able to eject the cd out of drive and system was back to normal.Can someone give me a solution to this!.I have tried to install the samsung driver for CD-RW too ,instead of default Win2k Driver.
PS: THis may not be a problem with Display driver because if cd is without scratch it doesnt have any problem.The problem only occurs only when cd has a bad track!.

Hoe do you know the track is bad? Can you specify what you mean by bad track, a physical scratch on the cd? or a poorly burned data portion? or is it something else?

HI xtacy,
I say it a bad track because when i run in CD R the same part of movie play with dithered image(like BiG squared pixels in red or different colors).The Intresting part is iam able to copy the CD using the CD-RW as image using a nero or ultra ISO [windows copy paste again hangs system]and using a virtual CD when i load the copied image the players doesn’t make my system hang,But display as dithered pixels(probably bad data format).So eveytime i come across a system hang i make a hard restart of the system,copy it as image using nero or ultra iso ,load the image using nero virtual cd drive and see the film :a . for the past 2 years . I dont have any other problem in anyother situation[Burning ,playing music,etc] with my CD-RW,This problem is onlywith playing movie.It could not be a problem with player too because i have tried Windows Media player,Xing,Light Alloy,WinAmp,etc… Whatever the player if one of them makes system hang then its ditto for all !

Have you tried to copy the file to the hard drive, and run it that way, this way you would eliminate the idea of it being software, the actual movie file itself, or a bad burn, or possibly just an optical drive that doesn’t cope well with this which can be for several reasons.

Also after running off the hard drive try different ways to view it to see if the problem happens again.

Hi Xtacy,
I cant just make a normal copy paste from windows either with CD-RW or CD-R. In CD-RW it Hangs my system and in CD-R it says it cannot copy giving different reason in different situation (like:MS-DOS copy error,CRC,etc) i have to admit that my CD-R is really a bad one even for good CD’s,so mostly i dont trust CD-R.
I copy the image of CD,using CD-RW,to hard disk only.From Hard disk i load the image to Virtual Cd Drive. Once its loaded successfully i have played with all the players,none of them makes my system to hang this time.This is same even when i extract the movie file from ISO and play it ,it doesnt make my system hang.Only if i play from the CD it makes my system Hang ! :sad:

Well, there are two assumptions I can make here.

The first, and somewhat unlikely in this case, the optical drive isn’t a good one, btw, what drive brand/model do you have, tell us, maybe there are known flaws with it or firmware updates someone can recommend.

Second, and the one I am leaning towards, its just a bad burn, for one of several reasons. Poor media - what blank did you use, what dye does it have, is it a cheap brand with a generic or no-name, or is it a good quality cd-r??? What speed did you burn at, sometimes lowering burn speed, especially with music or movies, improves read/seek times and results in better playback. It also makes the cd-r more portable to more stand alone units in some cases, I would even say most cases. I always burn at 4x or 6x or most 8x for all my music and movies. What speed did you burn this at, do you remember?

I would try another burn, at 4x, with a good media brand name, and try playing that back. Also, i fyou have the original disc where you got this from, maybe re-image it as well, and read at a lower speed like 4x as well, not just write at 4x. The reason I say this is that there is also the slight possibility the image is poor constructed, but I also don’t suspect its the case here because then it really would freeze at the same point regardless of where you run it from, but you say when you run it from the pc, not the optical drive, that it runs fine.

Get back to us with that info and try my suggestion. Check the cd-r testing threads for looking into good quality media brand names with tests done by many many members here.

Sorry for late reply my cd rw drive is
Samsung SW-252 is a CD-RW optical disk drive speeds up to 52X writing, 24X rewriting and 52X reading.
And the cd that makes my system hang is 100% unbranded cd’s ,because they are rented film cd’s we cant expect a branded cd while we rent it. :-(.I dont know at what speed they burn them too !
Thanx for good idea of burning in 4x i havent tested it i will test and inform u the result soon.