System hang when flashing (LG 8525)



My drive is LG 8525 52x32x52 and Im flashing it to the latest firmware…as soon as I launch the flashing utility and browse for the hex file/bin file the system hangs! same thing happen when I used LG’s own flashing utility. I’d set the drive on 2nd IDE channel, and the jumper is on the master pins. What else should I do?



Please help…Anyone?


Have you tried running in SAFEMODE? Is DMA enabled/disabled?

I would definately boot into safe mode - hold down F8 after BIOS screen - and give it a whirl - you might have some process or app that is trying to query the device…

If safe mode does not work - get yourself a WIN98/ME bootdisk (i think) and boot into DOS and do it all from floppy in DOS - as sometimes you have to be in DOS to FLASH drives… and since Win98/ME there really hasn’t been a genuine DOS - just Microsofts command line version… which wont cut it :smiley:

Hope that helps