System freeze during Firmware updating

Hi everyone, I am a new to this forum and was hoping if anyone can help solve my hardware problem. Thanks very much in advance.

I have a SM-332B - CD/DVD Combo drive installed in my computer.

Recently I had problem with the CD tray which seems to start reading whenever I press to open, and not open. I thought this is a driver problem so I’ve went to SAMSUNG’s homepage and downloaded its new FIRMWARE.

I was running it midway and it freezes and when I reboot the computer now cannot find the CD/DVD drive at all. I think it is likely that the flash (freezed midway) has somehow cause a defect in the ROM and hence it is now no functioning. I have try to re-run the FIRMWARE but it simply say that it cannot read my current CD/DVD and hence given up.

Does Samsung has any other software which can help repair the ROM of my CD/DVD drive?

For your information, I have downloaded and run the FIRMWARE from the following link:-

Thanks very much for your help.


Hi there!

Sadly enough, I couldn’t find any good info on how to recover dead Samsung drives. Dead? No not really… it’s just that the firmware updating went wrong that your drive isn’t recognized anymore.

If you can find a tool that allows direct flashing, your problem could possibly be solved. This kind of flashing doesn’t look for a certain drive, but directly flashes to a certain IDE device.

Of course, you need a flash utility that’s compatible with your drive (and I can’t find one right now). If you can find that, you can flash your drive with the right firmware…

curious was the drive alone on an ide cable?

Ive seen some flashing issues when you have multiple drives on a cable. Could have caused the problem. As for your solution. Id contact samsung and say your flash ruined my drive (or just tell them it quit working if its within warrenty)

Yes, the drive on connected to IDE secondary.

I have tried mktflash but it wasn’t compatible. Why doesn’t SAMSUNG release something like mktflash which fixes bad flash?