System failed Australian rape victim

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While I can understand the reference to the “system,” I should clarify that the article should have stated “certain people working WITHIN the system” failed this girl, by not executing the proper checks and by not properly doing their job. Too many times it’s easier to blame some unnamed, nebulous, hard-to-fathom and faceless entity than to point the finger at exactly where the failing occured. It’s the people and employees that make up the ‘system,’ so if the people that are supposed to be doing their jobs fail, it is therefore those individuals’ fault, and not the ‘system’s’ per se.

That said, the failing is specific to one judge who refused to administer justice by the crime commited, with 3 welfare officers also being grossly negligent in this matter. However, then the article commits the fallacy of ‘changing the subject’ to somehow this gigantic failing being partly the fault of the state of Aboriginal society? The matter was clearly a failing on the part of the prosecutor, who instead of applying the proper legal intrepretation, applied a personal one. Is this a ‘failing’ of the system? No. Is it to be blamed on Aboriginal society? No. It is to blamed on the 3 employees who didn’t care about doing their job, a prosecutor who failed to understand nor even practice law by applying the proper legal interpretation of consent, then a judge who refused to be an impartial party, adhering only to the strictly ‘black and white’ interpretation the law is SUPPOSED to provide, so that such a matter is adequately punished and abuses like this are avoided. An outrage indeed!! :a:a:a

The whole situation is totally fubar in regards to aborigines in Australia.
The aboriginal council (consisting of aboriginal elders) is insisting on leniency concerning crimes commited by aborigines.

The problem is … should they be lenient to aboriginal criminals because they are indigenous, in the minority & disadvantaged, or should they persue justice similar for the rest of the population. I for one hope they castrate the bastards.

Kudo’s to the inquisition, I hope the whole aboriginal council has it’s ass kicked & all legal exceptions are scrapped. The exceptions, and handouts, mean they are continuing to commit petty crimes and (as the vast majority) refuse to improve their situation.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. In my home town, part of civilisation, rather than “the sticks”, sexual abuse of aboriginal children by their older relatives is endemic.