System didnt find any dvd-rw drive

KK well im new to using dvd burning software.
I current have TDK 420N driver. Under Device Manager its said [TDK DVDRW420N] This device is working Properly… Now im using this burning software called Xilisoft MPEG to DVD Converter to burn music video into DVD format. I used DVD-R cd. and as i click BURN in the software i get an error msg pop up Saying “system didnt find any dvd-rw drive” and drivers is updated aswell… I would really like to burn music video into dvd format so i may watch them in my dvd player… Would appreciate any help thanks

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If your TDK drive is recognised in Device Manager (Explorer too?), then I would guess that your software revision isn’t up-to-date enough to recognise your drive.

Try some different software, hopefully someone else will have some good ideas.

Hi, well past 2 days i been trying to burn music video into a DVD so i may watch them in my car. Been having issues as software not being able to read dvd drive. Tech said software im using is not updated. Been using a lot of free software or trial version.If anyone here could help me or tell me what software i need to use to make dvd. Please help :confused:

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Your TDK420N will only use discs that are DVD+R and DVD+RW:

If you used a DVD-R then this will not be recognised by the drive. Can you confirm that the blank disc type you used was really ‘DVD -R’…?