System demands

i currently have a amd k6/2 350mhz on my pc a 6.4 gb harddrive, 64 mb’s ram, and i have a 2 speed burner…now my question is im thinking of upgrading my burner with a plextor 16 write with burnproof, now will the buner work ok with this sh*t P.C???

First things first,
Your PC is not a piece of crap, that seems to be the same setup I had about 6months ago that my cousin has now permanently borrowed.

Secondly, if you buy a Plextor Burn-Proof burner then you wont have to worry about coasters because the burner will slow down the write process if necessary to prevent buffer-underuns as you surf the web, chat, play music…whatever you decide to do for multitasking.

In my opinion it is the best burner available.

I now have an AMD 1GHz w/128 Mb RAM and a Plextor 12/10/32 (1210TA) Burn-Proof…and I love it…put it to burn and come back later as I surf the web…which I was unable to before with my Matsushita 4 X 8 model 7582.


what do you want to do with it.

if you like to play hard core games, then a 1 GHZ processor is a good beginning. After that you need 128 or 256 Mb SDRam.

Take 256 MB is my advice, the price is very low now, so get your advantage now.

Buy a GF2 32 MB DDR, a 12/10/31A (plextor) burn-proof writer.

An A-open / Pioneer DVD drive is also nice. I have the slot-in version, which looks like a floppy drive, no tray anymore, nice and handy. dustfree also.

well I hope u got something with this advice and let me know what you have bought.


eMiNeM, you didn’t even read his post, did you? all he wanted to know was whether or not his system would work with the plextor 16x, and KNEEON already answered it. try reading the whole topic next time before making a useless post.