System crash after Slysoft install/reboot



First of all, I used the trial versions of Any DVD and Clone DVD a few months ago without any issues. My PCs specs are far beyond the minimum requirements.

Tonight however, I went ahead and purchased both programs along with along with Clone DVD Mobile. I saved the purchase keys and downloaded the programs to my system and restarted. Unfortunately, it froze in the restart phase. When I tried again, I received a message stating that new hardware or software is not allowing Window to start normally. I managed to get my system up again through Safe Zone and system restore that I set prior to downloading, but if I restart now, I have to go through the same BS. Could I have downloaded a virus from Slysoft or something? Has anyone else had any issue downloading their products? Is there a specific method that I must adhere to when installing (i.e., one program at a time-download and restart; etc…)? I need some serious help as I begin a few university courses tomorrow and need my PC to be reliable.

Gary K.


I have had all three on my main PC at one time or another, and still have AnyDVD and CloneDVD Mobile. Never had that issue.
I did however get those programs individually at different times, so maybe you can try that route.


Be sure that you downloaded the programs in Slysoft website. Also run a antivirus and a anti spyware scan


Garyknowz –

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If you downloaded the AnyDVD and CloneDVD software programs directly from the Official SlySoft Web Site ( these software programs are free of any Virus.

Could you be more specific and explain in detail exactly what program is displaying this message.

Exactly what is “Safe Zone”? Is the some type of 3rd part software program or perchance are you referring to starting your computer in the Windows “Safe Mode”?

To restore you computer to full functionally start you computer in the Widows “Safe Mode” and navigate to the Control Panel and use “Add Or Remove Programs” and remove the offending SlySoft software programs.