System can't read any Opticals?

Hey people, new to the forum and I bring you a problem that’s been with me all week.

I have a customers machine, who refuses to read any media off any optical drives. The 2 drives he had in there were dead, but any other drives won’t read either. Every drive I’ve put in the machine (2 from our shop that run perfectly on any other machine) detects fine in Bios, but won’t ready any media in windows nor will they boot from. Changed IDE cables, ran drives on both IDE controllers, took out the HDD leaving one optical as the only device and it still would not boot. Any HDD’s that I add detect, read and boot with no problems, the problem is only with opticals. Checked for starforce (no drivers installed) and flashed firmware on all and still no avail. The machine is a HP PAvilion 725n with the A8XN-LA motherboard, which would not flash to the most recent bios, but from what I read around, the older bios I have on it now is the stablest bios for the board anyway. Anyone have any ideas? I hate to have a machine in the shop for so long. Thanks!


Plug an ODD-compliant IDE controller in - try again.

That is a good idea, however we don’t have any in the shop, nor have I seen any come through in quite a while.


Hoping HP will send me another BIOS, ASUS’ site doesn’t support this specific board.

Hey buddy, any luck with this problem?

I have the exact same issue too for the past year lol. I also tried all cable combinations like you and same result. Bios detects but can’t read from windows and can’t boot any disc. System was working fine and issue just came up.

I have a Biostar Ideq 210v with latest bios.

Good Luck. If i ever figure it out, I will let you know.

Just tried a bunch of options such as flashing to every bios available (ensuring I reset cmos data each time) and same problem. Also tried taking battery out overnight and still nothing. I am thinking the bios chip is probably corrupted somewhere or the I/O chip might have gotten fried to somehow not recognize cd-rom hardware code. Too bad I don’t have a IDE controller card.