System aspi newbie quest

run neroinfotool it says i got only neroaspi (2.01.74)driver but not the system aspi.Do i need also the system aspi :confused: ??And what version??(OS windows Xp sp2 amd xp2800)

I don’t think a system aspi is really needed. I’ve got one installed but there are files missing (according to InfoTool) but every works fine for me.

The Nero one is the latest one I think. I’m running Nero .

You do not need ASPI installed unless you have a specific software that requires it, such as KProbe. Even then if you prefer you can use the Nero ASPI by copying it to the system32 folder. Best to leave all this alone unless you have a need for it, as installing ASPI can often cause other things to break.

Sorry to step in…thanks for that info, rdgrimes. No system ASPI here either, and I’m about to install KProbe.

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Kprobe will install ASPI 4.60, which is what you want.