Systan eng-fr

does anybody know how to copy systran eng-gr??

It has a SYSTRAN.exe and a hidden catalog named “HDEAS022 DF” .In that catalog there are 11 also hidden *.txt (all with same size 35.3MB) named HDEAS022.TXT HDEAS0222.TXT HDEAS0223.TXT HDEAS0224.TXT HDEAS0225.TXT HDEAS0226.TXT HDEAS0227.TXT HDEAS0228.TXT HDEAS0229.TXT HDEAS02210.TXT HDEAS02211.TXT .After the installation (and probably every time I’ll run the program it runs a cd-check (takes some time) and an error message appears (sth like not appropriate cd found).I’ve tried Protection Emulators (playback,insectors,daemon tools with various emulations but none of’em work.clonyxxl + scout don’t find anything.Any idea???

Which software did you use to copy the game?

The name of this software doesn’t sound like a game :confused: . Sounds more like something which tries to translate english -> french (which I doubt to be possible with AI)

Oops, sorry about that, then I should rephrase that. What software did you use to copy the software?