A couple of weeks I posted a topic about my system resources (SR) getting low after I opened some programs. You remember the topic? My PII-350 with 64MB could have a lot more then my AMD Athlon with 128 MB. Well... I've been doing some research myself and I found more computers having the same problem. CPU's were both AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium III.
The things these systems have in common:
-clock speed all above 600Mhz
-sound blaster live soundcards
-video with Riva chipsets (Geforce and TNT2)
-scsi 2
-plextor drives (all 40x cdrom and some with a plextor writer)
-128 MB of memory
-win98 installed

I think windows 98 is the problem because the hardware just works fine. This sounds stupid, but could ik be that win98 has problem supporting one or more of the things I mentioned above and so's getting in immense problems with the memory managment?
If anybody could help us, please do since working like this ain't any fun!

Well, thanks again in advance and I'm hoping on some replies :slight_smile:



Yea Win98 is notorious for is’s bad memory managment.

I use MemoryElevator 1.156 to free up physical memory every now and then especially when i close a few programs.

you can get it and other utilities here.

alot of them are freeware aswell so no registering is involved.

hope you find what your looking for.


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