Sysfader crashes when I try daemon

Hello people,
I currently own a liteon 851 and burning with ritek dvd-r. I use the bundled software called mydvd recordnow dx to burn game iso, img, mdf, nrg onto my dvd as a data disk. I usually fit 3 or 4 games on there and it can be view, copied fine. However, if i try to emulate with daemon from the dvd directly, my sysfader crahes and there is no way i can end task it. I ended up using the hardcore button reboot.
I am also using the latest daemon tool.
So anyone know what is wrong?
when i alt + ctrl + del after i try to emulate it, the task manager always have this “sysfader (not responding)” thing appreaing.

Oh also I have updated the firmware for my liteon DVD writer and my combo drive.

Ok, thanks for your help. :iagree:

Edit: this problem has been solved. it is my tfswctrl.exe hanging my computer. So after i removed Sonic DLA its working fine.