Syraina stalled repeatedly at 51%

I was using CloneDVD2 to make a full back up of Syriana and it wouldn’t write past the 51% mark.
I got the message to clean the disk each time the rip stalled but the disk was brand new and I did wash it twice just to make sure.
I finally gave up and used Windows Explorer to rip the movie to disk and then went back to CloneDVD2 to burn it ( +R DL ).
The original DVD and the copy I finally made play without problem in set top DVD players and in the computer.
What was it CloneDVD2 was objecting to? :confused:

Congratulations you hit the copy protection mark on the media itself. You will need a program like Anydvd to decrypt its copy protection if you want to make a backup with your clonedvd2. CloneDVD doesn’t bypass or decrypt the program that is the realm of AnyDVD that does that.

Hi coolcolors and thanks for the reply.
I have AnyDVD, that’s how I eventually ripped the disk, but I surely hit something.
Since AnyDVD eliminated copy protection do you have any ideas what else it could have been?

Did you make sure your surface of the media is clean also-check to see if there aren’t any defects on the media. Make sure to have the lastest version for both CloneDVD and Anydvd.

Also forgot to link to another post that might give you more help in the forum

Thanks for the link.
I think I’ve figured out what went wrong now.
There’s something about the dual layer on that particular DVD.
No problem with other dual layer DVDs just with that one.

Ok, good to know you go a handle on what happening there…but also I did make a copy of my syriana and it works well.