Syncing Issues

Me too:) . When you did the chapter from PB(the one with bad sync), did you do the chapter selection within DVD-Mobile or did you rip just the chapter using Customize (or Main Movie) to the hdd and then convert that in its entirety using DVD-Mobile? (you may have said this). Also, I’m guessing that if you find a way to edit the same segment out of the full mp4 (that plays OK) it will still play OK, since the sync problem remained when I stipped it apart and then put it back together with Yamb. I think if it is encoded right it stays right. This may be naive. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but that’s all I have with this stuff.:frowning: I’ll be tied up 'till around 10 or 11 ET tonight but will check in then and see what has transpired.

OK guys, did a little more experimenting of my own. Maineman / Signals, thanks for buying into this and all the work done to date with the posts.

Still using the same test movie ripped to the hard drive and residing in the TEMP folder I used again the same chapter, but this time, used the Apple proprietary codec H264 option and got exactly the same results with the sync being off about the same, so no change there either. By the way, best to use mp4 as it encodes a lot faster than H264 and you have more control over your settings.

I then thought, why not try a different program, I also have the registered version if ImToo DVD to IPOD and did the exact same settings as the one from DVDFab. I did notice that the file size strangely is larger than the what is converted with DVDFab but it played fine with [B]NO SYNC[/B] issues.

So, went back to DVDFab and thought, lets try this on GENERIC and see what the AVI file looks like, again, this file size was even bigger again, guess thats why mp4 has the advantage, more compression. Anyway, checked the sync, it was still off, but nowhere near as bad.

End result, I have no idea why DVDFab is doing this as there are no other settings I can tweak. It does not seem that many other users of the forum, use this much, as we they have not delved into this discussion. I would be really interested to see if others are having similar issues. If trying…[B]REMEMBER[/B], it is only a problem when converting from files stored on the main PC Hard Drive and [B]NOT[/B] an external HDD or direct from the DVD itself.

Bottom line for me is this…just convert directly from the DVD all the time, but it is a shame this can’t be used. There are times when traveling I might come across a disk of a particular movie I cannot get at home and want to put it onto my hard drive and then convert later, but with this failing that is not an option.

I just don’t like not knowing why something happens that way. If it works in ImToo, then it [B]SHOULD[/B] work in DVDFab. I prefer DVDFab and would like to think it is a better program, to date, I have no issues with it…This is an inconvenience and not a show stopper for me, but what I hate doing is converting a whole movie for 1 plus hours only to find it is not worth looking at when done. The program should be robust enough that it works the same way ALL the time, and one has confidence it is going to give the same result each time.

I don’t know if the authors ever read issues like this, but they would be the ones that would have a far better knowledge of issues here than I. I’m not giving up, but have to head back to work in a few days, so will not have much of a chance to delve further.

Again, thanks to all that have tried to help here, it is a great forum with people who really like the challenge as do I.


PS - One other thing, the syncing issue is not just related to a particular movie, it seems to be the same for all, when converting from HDD, so to me it points to something within the program…please don’t take me to task here, it is just merely my observation.

I did the chapter selection in customize on Fab’s DVD to DVD section. As a last step I converted just Chapter 21 in DVD to Mobile.

So this time, I did the conversions in both methods described by signals and again, neither involved dvds, ie., both were already ripped on the hdd. I patterned the attached images as done by signals. Interestingly, the sync is almost perfect on both conversions. There seems to be a transient and subtle async period on both…same spot as previously discussed. This seems to clear up fairly quickly and maybe it’s just me…staring at these streams for too long.

The first 5 images (PB Cust) correspond to chapter selection in “customize” DVD to DVD.
On the next post, the 5 images (PB Mob) correspond to chapter selection in DVD to Mobile

The links are going in your pms as soon as I’m through photoshopping…not my strong suit… :rolleyes:

The fun continues.

PBVLC Mob2.ppg was again at 34 seconds (lost my caption)

Cage, it looks like I just missed you…I must’ve been photoshopping when you were posting. Had some connection probs too, so lost my last post.

I’m at a loss to explain your async problems and I agree that it doesn’t seem amenable to tweaks, or at least they’re not apparent.
For me, this is decidedly a non-issue. I don’t get any sync issues when converting a movie intact, hdd or dvd source; it’s only when I attempt to edit and fragment.
Like you, I prefer to know “why”.

Signals, I thought I would laugh out loud and choke on my dinner when you mentioned how maybe you’re being naive about this. Trust me, my naivete is exceeded by no one when it comes to this stuff…lol

I think you’re right.

Yeah, but it’s so darn much fun… :bigsmile:

Well, like I said, I have not given up. Just strange it works fine with the other program and NOT this one.

If I happen to come across a reason, and who knows as the knew updates come out, it may right itself , will let you both know, and other of course.

Maineman, got the other files, am d/l know. I will check against your images above, thanks for the work here.

Big thanks to both of you for trying to sort it out.