Syncing Issues

Hi guys, has anyone noticed (or is it just me) that when converting a DVD directly from the DVD disk to an IPOD format, it all works very well. BUT…if you rip the DVD to the HDD and then convert it to IPOD format you have terrible syncing issues. I have tried just doing a chapter and then the full movie, the same result. Are there any settings that SHOULD be selected to avoid this.

I know it can be done OK from the DVD, but there are times I’d like to backup to HDD and then use the same files to covert to IPOD for when on the road.

OK, gurus, what do you say…


Hi Cage. Is this a 5th gen 80GB iPod? Some users with those have had sync issues and Ting said in another thread they are working on a fix already. I have noticed this same thing using other profiles, but the effect is very slight when playing on PC with the ffdshow codec but just what you describe, OK from disc, but sync issue when encoding from HDD. I was glad to see your post to confirm that it happens to others and is not just something in my setup. I’m afraid all I can offer is my standard advice to experiment with the video bitrate slider using 2 or 3 chapter experimental files to see if that helps. Our iPod mysteriously vanished when my son went off to college, so I can’t help you investigate.:frowning: Sorry. Post back any results.

Hey guys,

First off, I am an absolute neophyte when it comes to Ipods and various conversion issues. I just got a 5th gen (30 GB) myself as a recent B-day present. I resisted the family’s pleas and threats for as long as possible… :eek: , even my wife has one and she hates pcs and techie stuff.

Chaulk it up to beginner’s luck, but I’ve had no problems thus far.
I’ve done a few flicks…direct conversion from the dvd. I didn’t note any real sync issues. I suppose it may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better then the old Godzilla movies… :bigsmile:
Seriously, if present at all, any sync issues are virtually indiscernible…at least to my 58 yo eyes and brain. I’ve done a few episodes of Perry Mason (1955), GoldenEye, To Have and Have Not, The Princess Bride, The Guardian and A Walk To Remember. I’ve done a combination of these both to my pc and Ipod and to my wife’s laptop and Ipod. No playback issues whatsoever.

I was certain that at least twice previously, I had converted from the hdd (ie., a previous rip…done in file mode, main movie). To verify, I just now converted “A Walk To Remember”, ripped in file mode, customize mode, but did the entire disc…again no playback or av sync issues apparent at all.

Initially, when converting, I left the default configuration intact…attached image #1.
For the most part, I think I have been using Cage123’s “sweet spot” settings…attached image #2
(Thanks for those settings Cage!)

Both configurations result in decent playback and no av sync issues.


I guess Tom and me would get one, but the trouble of carrying a big magnifying glass around would defeat the reason for having one.


I tend to do a lot of traveling, so having just my (yes it is a 5th generation 80GB IPOD, holds about 100 movies at my sweet spot settings) for watching with a set of Bose QC2 headsets it works perfectly for me. I also carry a cable 3.5mm to RCA like this one, NOT the Apple which is pictured here, way overpriced for me. That way, when I am in a friends place, hotel room, anyplace there is a TV I just plug this in and watch the movie from the IPOD directly on the TV. Did not want to have to cart around a dock, so just use this. There is an S-Video option as well which gives you an even better picture…but I digress from my post. The syncing issue ONLY happens from the HDD NOT from the disk.

[B]@maineman:[/B] As said previously, even when trying just one cpater it is quite a bit off, I don’t worry about a little, but this is a lot. If I could show you somehow I would, maybe I can upload a short clip to show you, just need to figure out how. I think there are some hosting places about, will check it out.

You could also use just a normal set like this one below, which you get with just about every electronic package these days BUT you must do as I said below.

but you must remember to set it up like this.

* Plug the red RCA plug into your TV's yellow RCA jack.
* Plug the yellow RCA plug into your TV's white RCA jack.
* Plug the white RCA plug into your TV's red RCA jack.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Curious as to what causes the av sync issue for you when coverting from files already on the hdd, but it works ok for me, particularly in light my using your sweet spot settings… :confused: It also sounds like our Ipods are virtually the same except for storage capacity.

Like I said, I’m just entering the [B]Realm of Ipods[/B], so I’m still pretty darn clueless. I’ll give this some more thought. Maybe I can get some files uploaded myself and we can try to isolate the issue…pretty sure a couple of my daughter’s friends will show me the way… :iagree:

[Edit] Thanks for the tips on the hook-up… :cool:

Any help would be appreciated to try and work out what the issue is here.

Thanks for the tips on the hook-up… :cool:
Hey, no problem, mainly put there for people to give it a shot ands help out those with magnifying glasses. :eek:

Also, found this, drill down the page, about half way to the place where it talks [B]Putting the Sound in Sync [/B]. It works very very well once you get the hang of it.

Link is here:

It is excellent for those that are just starting to play with there IPODS and experiment a little.

Hope some people find the link useful.


Ok, I figured out how to upload and host some files. It’s gonna take a while…I didn’t feel like having to pay for premium “turbo” (jeepers, ya gotta love the US) service… :bigsmile: … Won’t be ready until later this evening.
I’ll drop you a pm with details and a link. I don’t believe I’d be violating any forum rules by posting, but I’m sure this is preferable…particularly to the mods… :wink:
These files were ripped to my hdd and subsequently converted, so this should be a decent place to start. They play ok on my Ipod, ie., no av sync issues.

Be in touch later,


Great, will see how it goes. I will use the same service to do likewise, 1 chapter equates to about 4 mins at least on the movie I had in mind and is about 35 MB.

I used that link above and that fixed the issue BUT, I would prefer not to have to use that if possible, and have DVDFab do it all, the first time. I can’t think this would violate anything, we are just trying to sort out some issues with the program, and if resolved will be a benefit others.

I’m sure the mod police :cop: will let us know anyway.

Our :cop: I’m sure understands the effort underway and is very forgiving in any event. I have tried his patience more than once. I was going to tell you and Tom to use my account on MediaFire to swap these things around, but it sounds like Tom has taken other steps. I have a short DVD I made for testing sync issues. It is just color bars that pulse on and off with a perfectly synchronized audio tone that goes on and off with the video. It is currently too large for MediaFire but I can shorten it to fit. The A/V offset can be measured with an oscilloscope and the audio offset changed to cancel it out. I realize this is an elaborate band aid. From what I read of the site you linked, the problem seems to be that the framerate varies. Now the question is why.:slight_smile:

Maineman / Signals, check your PM. I sent you both the link to the file.


Cage, signals,

Hey guys, sorry I’m just coming back on now. Wife had car issues so my leisure time took a nasty detour… :bigsmile:

Anyway, Cage I just saw your pm. Will reciprocate this eve. I actually have a few files uploaded…managed to get the process going prior to rescuing my wife. 3 so far…#'s 1&2 are approx 30-35 MB, but goofed on #3…about 100 MB… :eek:
All 3 files seem to have avoided any av sync problems. All were ripped to the hdd prior to any conversions…used Cage’s SS settings on all. I’ll drop the links in both your pms.

Paul, I understand you’ll be part of this “team” effort… :clap:
I couldn’t ask for better news and many thanks for offering to host our files.

One interesting piece of info…
I ripped “GoldenEye”, entire movie, in the same fashion without issues.
However, everytime I try to rip and then convert just a portion of this movie…say 1 chapter…it is horribly out of sync as Cage has described.
I’ve done this 3 times on this movie…each time the results are abysmal.

I cannot reproduce this sync issue when I do the whole movie…
nor have I found another movie where I can reproduce this… :confused:

I have no clear idea of why…or what this means yet…
Well, let the games begin… :iagree:

Sounds like fun.:slight_smile:

The fun continues , see my PM response on files sent and question about where we should continue discussion.

Yup, the fun continues all right!
I responded likewise in pms.
Await your replies… :wink:

Duly submitted.:slight_smile: Here is what I have found and done: TH&HN, perfect sync; same with the music video; Princess Bride, I see the same things as you guys: fine to start, slippage seems to begin at :26-:27, gets worse quickly, seems to level off at 800-1200 milliseconds at about the :36-:38 point. I played these with Real Player and VLC with identical results. I have not tried WMP or DiVX Player. The screen captures are limited to TH&HN and Princess Bride since they showed the most contrast in sync, and are from VLC and Yamb. Also, using Yamb I demuxed the audio and video streams from Princess Bride into individual files and then remuxed them to see if the problem is in the combining or encoding and got the exact same delay in the exact same places, which I guess would indicate the problem is in the individual stream(s) and not a player issue at all. I suspect the video stream; the bitrate is all over the place when playing (VLC will show this in realtime in View—>Stream and Media Info–>Statistics tab). This begs the question of why it is not the same on all three rips.
Here are the captures:
Princess Bride

This is too hard to read, I’ll put the other captures from TH&HN in another post. This post editor should be called WYSINWYG:(

To Have and Have Not

All the captures are hosted offsite and may not always load correctly. Hope somebody can make more sense of this than I.

Begs the question indeed.
Thanks for all that work, signals. I won’t have a chance to fool with this stuff until later on.

I find it darn peculiar that my conversions from the hdd are out of sync only with certain chapters of certain movies and again, only when these chapters are converted on an individual basis (GoldenEye and Princess Bride). I can rip the same movie from the same original disc to the hdd and then, when converted in its entirety, there are no av sync issues (To Have and Have Not and A Walk To Remember - the music video).

I have done nothing different that I know of, except ripping part of the flick as opposed to the whole thing.
It sounds like Cage’s findings are at least consistent, ie., if converted from hdd files, there seems to be sync issues consistently.

I’ll work on trying to edit out ch.21 of The Princess Bride (full movie, no sync problems) and compare with the isolated ch. 21 stream (sync problems). I’m not certain I can do this. If successful, any bets on whether this becomes async with the manipulation?

Yup, can’t remember having this much fun in a while… :bigsmile: