Syncing Burns on Mixed 812s & 832 Set Up

I recently swapped out one of my 812s that was becomming erratic for an 832. (Now I have two 812s & one 832.)

While the new 832 works fine by itself, the problem I have encountered is that when I burn all three drives at once on 8x TY discs, the 832 starts it’s burn significantly behind the 812s, resulting in almost 100% lag on read position and more frequent drops in buffer readings. While most of the burns are acceptable, some have noticeable PIF spikes where the upshifts in speed are out of sync on the three dives. This hasn’t degenerated into alternating red yellow, but I am not comfortable with the increased errors.

I have tried swapping the drives to different positions, different firmware combos, using the quality patched firmware on all three etc, but the 832 always starts burning later.

Is this out of synching ineveitable, so the only fix is two more 832s?



Have you tried flashing the two 812S drives to 832S firmware? Or “downgrading” the 832S to a 812S?

I tired upgrading all 3 drives to the CodeGuys CG3B firnmware, but that didn’t work – the 832 burn was still delayed.

How can I downgrade the 832 to 812 specs?