Hi I have synchronised my phone with my computer and it is driving me mad!! Does anyone please know how I can unsynchronise it?

For my sanity, any help would be great. Cheers:confused:

To synchronize offline items when you log on or off a computer

Open Synchronization Manager.
Click Setup.
On the Logon/Logoff tab in the When I am using this network connection list, click the network connection that you want to use.
In the Synchronize the following checked items list, select the check boxes next to the offline items that you want to synchronize, such as a folder on a mapped network drive, or an Internet Explorer offline Web page.
Under Automatically synchronize the selected items, select either When I log on to my computer, When I log off my computer, or both.
If you want Synchronization Manager to request permission before automatically synchronizing your offline items, select the Ask me before synchronizing the items check box.

To synchronize individual files, folders, or Web pages in Windows Explorer, My Computer, or Internet Explorer, select the item that you want to synchronize. On the Tools menu, select and click Synchronize.
Synchronization Manager can also be opened from the command line. Click Start, click Run, type in mobsync, and then click OK.
By choosing when offline items are synchronized, you can better manage the work on your computer and on the network. For example, when connected to the network by modem, synchronization time is minimized by clearing all automatic synchronization options and manually synchronizing individual files.
When using offline files, it is recommended that you always synchronize when you log on to your computer. This will ensure that changes that were made on your computer are synchronized with changes that were made on the network while you were disconnected.