Synchronisation deleted files, can they be restored?

I’ve just invested in my first mp3 player, so I’m still getting used to it. When I connected it to my computer for the second time, and synchronisation started, windows media player started to delete files from the mp3 player that were not on my computer :a . Now I can’t find any sign of these files deleted during synchronisation.
Is there anyway to retrieve these files? :sad:

Hi janeymacd, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your mp3 files being deleted.

There are many tools that can help you in recovering deleted files, provided that the files haven’t already been overwritten with something else.

One such free tool is Recuva another is PC Inspector File Recovery.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
my world is no longer crumbling around me!
the thoughts of having to get all the music lost againis quite painful!
the last thing I did on the computer was the synchronization, so there shouldn’t be anything that has over-ridden it. Fingers crossed

I fell in love with “restoration”, a totally 100% free app that does things (folder restoration for example) that even commercial apps wouldn’t. I’m not sure, though, that recovering files on an MP3 player is possible, I never actually tried recovery with external non-IDE devices… :confused:

On this page, you’ll find links for downloading the app and very good recommendations about file recovery.

It would depend on the mp3 player. Many mp3 players use storage that is mounted as an external FAT drive, and you can use normal recovery programs for such mp3 players.

If the mp3 player uses some other mechanism for synchronizing files, then the tools I suggested above are not going to help.

So, if I understand well, the delete process for FAT-formatted flash devices is the same as for magnetic/optical devices (deleting the reference in the FAT, not the actual file)? It certainly makes sense, just that I never really thought about it… :o