Synchro recording from Starchoice to Sony RDR-HX780

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR-HX780B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I own a Starchoice DRS505 receiver and a Sony RDRHX780 and I am trying to get the two to work in sync with recording.

Everything is working fine except the Synchro Recording (as they call it). I set my program time in sat. receiver, set the recorder with the Synchro recording and then nothing really happens…exept that it comes when its not supposed to.

I have the two linked together with a S-video cable and coax cables for sound. The cables are coming out of the receiver into Line 1 input on the recorder.

The Synchro Record is supposed to turn the recorder off when the Synchro is engaged (which is does) and then supposed to turn it back on when it senses a video signal coming from a video source. But, when the recorder turns off, it comes back on within a minute after shutting down. It even does this when the sat. receiver is turned off. The sat. receiver does what it should, but the recorder is turning back on prematurally…anyone else having this issue? What does a person do to fix this, if its possible?

Thanks in advance.

Is there anything plugged into the AV inputs on the front of your satellite receiver? Some set-top boxes will activate the video output if something is plugged into its AV inputs, even if the device connected to the AV input is in standby also.

It is also worth checking that the video cable between the receiver and DVD recorder is not running along a power cable or other video cable. If the cable picks up cross-talk from a nearby video cable or even the noise from the power cable, this could trigger the DVD recorder into falsely detecting a signal.

One other idea would be to try connecting your satellite receiver’s TV output to your DVD recorder and try a test recording to see whether the DVD still gives this issue when the receiver goes off, just in case it’s a fault with the satellte receiver’s video recorder output. If the DVD recorder works fine when connected to the receiver’s TV output, you’ll need to watch the satellite through your DVD recorder or get a splitter to connect the TV and DVD recorder to the TV output of the receiver.