Sync problem

I have some Divx tv episodes that have a few seconds of added video at the beginning (branded by ripper). After i run it through DIKO and then bring it up in dvdlab pro, the audio starts right with the video. The audio needs to start a few seconds after the video. Everything is fine in the Divx file.

Lets try that again…

play original video, shows a few seconds of added content with no audio, then the episode playes with the audio in sync. So, there is more video than audio. Dvdlab pro takes the DIKO output and starts the audio at the beginning of the video, which we dont want. I just want to fix this, maybe get rid of the added video?

You are going to need to seperate the audio and video to fix this. I know that most video editing software allows you to do this. I can only speak as to what I’ve used, which is ulead video studio, adobe premiere, or vegas video. I know that there are lots of others… You can search for tools

I would load it into VirtualDub and save the audio as uncompressed (WAV).
Then load it into your transcoding/authoring tool and all should be fine.

No out of syncs anymore. :wink:

If this is not gonna work, split video and audio and then set the audio DELAY in virtual dub.

Setting the delay is ok, but I’m not exactly sure how to tell how long, All I know is that it is over 7 sec of delay, I’m still a bit off and i can set it in 1 ms increments. Is there any software to tell you how long the delay is? The file is Xvid .AVI format.

You’ll need hardware to determine the offset… yours eyes and ears. Just keep adjusting the offset until your files sync. DVD Lab offers an audio offset in the Tools section, but it only works for AC3 audio.

Ifoedit can do it also when you compile a DVD eg.