Sync Problem: VirtualDub Won't Interleave

I’m converting some .vob files to .avi using AutoGordianKnot and then editing the .avi file with virtualdub. I noticed a sync problem with the file (I played the .vob file and there was no sync problem.) which I usually correct using the interleave feature in virtualdub. This time, however, the audio would not move at all. I used a bunch of different positive and negative values and the audio still stayed at the same position.

I’m at a loss at what to do. Would demuxing help, or should I try a different converter with more reliable sync capabilities? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Try a different program.

Okay. Any suggestions?

You could try converting with Fair Use Wizard. The celticdruid version is completely free and has no restrictions on file size. You can find it here:

Be aware you have to work from a disk or an ISO of the dvd. You can break encryption with AnyDVD, or make an ISO in a variety of ways. I work from an ISO mounted in a virtual drive when playing around with this program. I rarely use it though.