Sync out!

Hi all, first time here and a novice…

Just wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction to a small burning problem?

When viewing an AVI I have burned to a cd/DVD it starts to show fine, then gets a little way, maybe half way and the voice’s go out of sync with the character talking…

I had no problems before but now this has suddendly happened…
DVD drive is an NEC ND 3500AG with the latest firmware
Nero 7 Ultra edition

This happen’s when writing to a DVD or CD…

Any suggestions or other information I need to supply?


Where did your source file come from, and what format is the audio and video in, before you convert it?

Hi, the firmware was from NEC v2.1A and the file is an AVI file if I do a properties on the file it says:-
Bit Rate 131kbps
Audio MPEG Layer-3

I hope that’s what you needed.


Did you avi come via a transfer from a video camera? Was it a download? Where did you get it. AVI’s can be xvid, divx, etc… If you don’t know what the original format is, it’s kind of hard to convert to dvd. Run AUTOGK on the file.