Sync loss using Womble + Movie Factory 2

I want to resequence the scenes in part of a movie which I have on a DVD (it’s a Region 2 PAL disc). After ripping to my hard drive using DVDDecrypter then using Womble Wizard to do the necessary edit and to produce an MPEG file, I reauthor using MF2 and “hey presto!” the audio and video are well out of sync - and I mean well out of sync. Sync problems like this have only occurred previously for me with captured VHS material where the source material was a bit damaged, but never with pristine DVD material. I have applied the upgrade patch to MF2 btw. Any thoughts anyone?

Have you got the most recent update to Womble?
I had audio sync issues with an earlier version.
That’s where I would look first.
Sorry can’t remember the version numbers.

Thanks for the tip petrol head. I’ve just checked and there is a patch from December 2004 which I will instal tonight and try out.

Well, installing the update has made no difference whatsoever and, in fact, the MPEG file out of Video Wizard is in sync anyway (when played on Power DVD). So perhaps the problem is with MF2. The sync seems to slowly drift out - a fraction of a second in the first couple of minutes, but about 10 seconds after 85 minutes. The picture leads the sound.