Sync issue's with Superman Returns

Having problems trying to backup my movie i just bought at Walmart. That and Beerfest (both seem to have this sync problem.) Possibly a future fix? Other movies seem fine.
I tried doing Return of the Jedi (which older versions the sync would be way off.) with newest, and the sync is working great now, but with 2 new movies i just bought, the sync is way off. I tried a few others, and they work fine, just these 2 new ones for some reason. Any tips/help? Or it is a newly found future bug fix?

Do you use “DVD to Mobile” feature? Which profile do you use?

I’m using “DVD to Mobile’s” ‘Generic’ setting and choose both “Fixed Bitrate” and “Fixed Size Bitrate” and also choose both ‘Single Pass’ and ‘2-Pass’ modes just in case. I tried both ‘avi.xvid.audiocopy.dvdfab’ profile, as well as ‘mp4.h264.aac.dvdfab’ just for debugging purposes

had no problem with superman - but did have problem with pirates syncing up and kissology syncing up - everything else has been fine - maybe update will be out soon as i’ve sem to have switched 100% to this program- too many problems with other programs -another company seem to want to sell u 2 or 3 programs and not work well with others