Sync error in VirtualDub converted files

I use VirtualDub to convert avi files to divx, in order to play the movies in my domestic DVD player, which can only read the divx format. If the avi files are VBR, I first save the WAV file and recompress it to a MP3 CBR audio. The converted files are OK and they plays fine, excep if I fast-forward the file, in wich case when I play in normal mode again, the audio and video have lost synchronization. This problem also occours playing the converted files in my PC with the Windows Media Player. Anyone can help to avoid this problem in the conversion process??

Does this still happen if you watch the video’s normally (ie. no fast forwarding)?

You cannot avoid it, your player is the problem.

The sync error appears when you fast forward the movie for a while and then you return to normal play mode.

I first thought that the problem was with the DVD player, but the same problem occours when playing the movies in the computer, using Windows Media Player, therefore, the problem is not with the player.

You might do better to rip the audio out of the avi file using something like Goldwave which will extract it from the avi file. This seems to work better with VBR than what you’re doing.

Can I ask what domestic DVD player is this that can only read DivX files? One of those things like the Philips ‘certified’ unit, perhaps?