Sync cache error microboards dx-1 plextor drive

I have an automated cd burner printer a microboards dx-1 which uses a plextor drive. I am having a reccurring problem getting a sync cache error when trying to burn at any speed above minimum. (x8) using most cds. however taiyo yudens still burn at even max speed.

The process is usually “initialise” then r"ecording" but it fails to initialise then i get the sync cache error and it spits the cd out.

My supplier says its a data transfer issue and told me to replace my pc with sata drives. However the microboards thing worked fine at the speeds before I’m wondering if it could be something simple as a bad usb connection - any ideas? and what is sync cache?

all info gratefully recieved

@ doctorevil72,

Request being exactly specific on what “Most CDs” exactly means.

Perchance can your “My Supplier” effectively explain why when using known proven quality Taiyo Yuden CD Media that your Microboards DX-1 continues to perform correctly?

In seeing that known proven quality Taiyo Yuden CD Media continues to perform correctly and Burn at maximum speeds in your Microboards DX-1 strongly indicates your problem is caused by attempting to use poor quality problematic CD Media.

From the information you have provided in your initial posting indicates your Microboards DX-1 is performing correctly and your “My Supplier” is incorrect in the assessment that SATA Drives are required. Stick with known proven quality Media such as Taiyo Yuden Media.


ok most cds are ridisc (cheap as chips brilliant inkjet prinatble surface) titanium, datasafe, prodisc these makes have all burnt fine in the past on this machines.

the guy who supplied the machine is a microboards agent and they reccomend taiyo yuden. So do I but I can’t afford them all the time, in the uk they are about 50cents a unit even when buying in bulk.

he reccomended defragmeting the hard drive too which I’m just doing now there were plenty of big red patches that are now blue I hope that makes a difference.

what is a sync cache error and can I change any system setting to make burning better?

thanks for the help

@ doctorevil72,

ALL of the “Most CDs” mentioned in the above referenced quoted statement are well-documented known proven cheap Poor Quality Problematic Media.

The sync cache error problem described in your initial #1 posting is classic symptom of the use of poor quality problematic Media. The corrective action is to use known proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden that consistently produces quality error free results.

There is NO magic secret System Settings that is miraculously going to transform well-documented known proven cheap Poor Quality Problematic Media to quality error free Media.


thanks for your answers, the thing burnt all these other “problematic” media fine for 6 months and has only now started getting fussy so was wondering if something might have broken down in the system. Like I said earlier TY discs in the uk are extortionate can you reccomend any other cd-r inkjet priintable that may have a better track record and not be so expensive? sorry if I’m asking the same stupid questions like newbies do that you have answered many times before

@ doctorevil72,

RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium do not manufacture Media but sub –contact the actual manufacturing of Media to various mass media manufactures which unfortunately are known to produce suspect poor quality Media and then label the Media package with their Brand Name. Since RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium sub-contract to various suspect mass media manufactures means that the quality and reliability of RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium branded Media is suspect and is constantly changing and is very variable. That explains why one RiDisc, DataSafe, or Titanium Media disk might perform satisfactory but the very next disk might fail. The fact that there is a substantial price variance between the well-documented known proven cheap Poor Quality Problematic RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Media and the known proven high quality Taiyo Yuden should be a clear indicator as to the quality and reliability of the cheap Poor Quality Problematic RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Media.

If you desire consistent quality error free results you should heed the advice of the Microboards DX-1 agent and use the recommended Media -> Taiyo Yuden


Thanks again for your answers i will now spend more time trying to find a good price on TY discs here in the uk but I still reckon i’ve got a hardware problem somewhere as it went from burning every cd i put in, to only TY overnight. Who does the nest deals on TY where you are?

all the best

@ doctorevil72,

Evidently I did a poor job in posting #6 explaining that the RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Branded Media disks you were previously using can be and most likely will be entirely different than the RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Branded Media you purchase today.

RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium do not manufacture Media but sub –contact the actual manufacturing of Media to various different media manufacturing companies. RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium are constantly and continually changing Media manufactures. There is no grantee that the RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Branded Media you are attempting to use today was manufactured by same manufacture that manufactured the RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Media disk you were previously using. This can explain why your old RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Disks might have worked but that the newly purchased RiDisc, DataSafe, and Titanium Disks fail to work.

I am a USofA yank but in other Forum postings UK Members have suggested purchasing Media from ->


No mate you did a great job explaining I dont think I did though. I burn several hundred discs a month mainly of live dj sets from various friends raves. I have tried many brands of discs and keep stock of silver white full face and normal cds some which get sold and cheaper ones which are given away as promos. I have some discs that worked fine 2 months ago at all burn speeds that have been on the shelf from the same spindle and now will only burn at min rate, so althought I agree with your view that ty are a superior brand which I wish I could afford to use all the time, something has gone wrong with the machine whivh overnight means it will only burn ty’s at over x4 I was hoping with all the knowledge on this site someone would be able to help. when I get it fixed I will report back

-all the best

The other thing is that my pc which controls my microboards dx-1 (which is a usb2 external connected device featuring a plextor cd/dvd burner) will still burn “problematic” media from the same spindle as the one’s that the dx-1 will no longer burn, using bothe the nec and sony internal cd-r drives using the same zulu software, at all speedsso its defo hardware related