Sympatico Bandwidth Limit

AS many of you in canada know, Sympatico is going to start to “limit” users and also raise prices.

There is will be a 13% increase in price, plus your monthly fee ( of about 45 CDN / 29 US ) includes 5 gigabytes of bandwidth for the month. It doesnt say if thats just up or down, but i`m guessing its both ways.

I put limit in quotes becuase they are limiting you, technically.
for every 100 megs you go over the 5 gigabyte limit you will be charged 79 cents Canadian ( aboug 51 cents US ).

Now really, why did i get high speed, to be able to download large files . demos and such. Now they want to limit us ?I could probably get more bandwidth from a 56K running all the time ( seeing dial up serivce + second phone line is about equal to the price of a cable isp/ dsl )

I keep track of my bandwidth, and everyone should, becuase it goes faster then you know it.

the 8$ per gigabyte doest hit you really until you transfer 50+ gigabytes a month

i normally transfer about 60 gb a month minus the feable 5 gb they give me a month
55 X 8 = 440$ CDN ( 285 US )

Seems like canada being one of the fastest and most connected nations in the world is getting shafted and Sympatico just wants another money grab.
I hardly believe that i am costing my current isp 500$ a month in bandwidth.
If my isp adopts such a plan, i will switch over to something else. i`ll put up with lower download/upload speeds, but i will not pay for bandwidth unless they actaully improve their service.
We pay more and more for it, but the service stays the same.

And here are my Bandwidth stats since 3/18/2002
Total uploaded 93.28 gigabytes
total downloaded 138.66 gigabytes
total: 231.94 gigabytes

one day max ( up and down ) 9.10 gigabytes

one week max ( up and down ) 27.82 gigabytes

One month max ( up and down ) 103.98 gigabytes

Try Look Communications, I dont believe they mentioned anythign about caps

The last time I checked into Look, they were in SERIOUS financial trouble and almost folded. If you’re near T.O. then you may be able to go 2 way wireless to the CN Tower with Look.

Rogers/Cogeco & Shaw won’t be far behind in the bandwidth cap.

Even with my heavy Day Of Defeat games, I doubt I’m anywhere near the limit.

My days of DivX uploads & downloads are long over.

The ul/dl limits for your service are 5 gb upload, and 5 gb download.

Still, with those numbers, it looks like you’ll have to pay $$$

Not sure if it helps, but look at the newer service they are offering, with is basically the business DSL:
3mbit down
640 k up
10 gb upload per month / 10 gb download per month

$69.95 per month (Canadian)

I’m in the same boat, but I don’t use nearly the bandwidth :smiley: