Symantec Ghost 9.0 realeasd

Symantec Ghost 9.0

Ghost 9.0 = Drive Image 7 + Symantec Logo

You have to boot from cd to restore images and it is slow.

You can save the images to your hd if you have a second drive or partition. Version 9 also allows you to creates images adhock or even differential and other types of backup images.

what is the difference between norton ghost and norton partitionmagic, they both seem to have options about backing up hard drive.


what is the difference between NORTON ghost 9.0 (2004) and SYMANTEC ghost 9.0 ???

I purchased Drive Image 7.0 from Powerquest, at the time it seemed to be the only one than would work with my Sata drives on my Sil 3114 controller. Unless Symantec has changed it it works like this. In order to restore your main drive you have to boot from the boot disk. You have to hit a key to tell it you want to boot from the disk. Then if you have silicon raid at the right instance you have to hit F6 to load the drivers from the floppy(I gave up trying to slipstream them). Then it loads, and loads, and loads. But after it finally loads it does restore rather quickly. However, at least in my case, VisualRoute requires I re-activate on first run, no big deal, I own it but still I have to look up the key, and two other programs also require re-activation, and another says the license file has been moved and I have to uninstall and reinstall. Drive Image 2002 was not like that but didn’t work with Sil 3114. And True Image 6.0 which I loved did not work with the silicon controlller. Restoring became more of a chore with Drime Image 7.0. Maybe Symanec will fix some of the problems in Drive Image 7.0 but I don’t know. Anyway it doen’t matter anymore, True Image 8.0 supports Silicon Raid, boots quickly, no keys to press, restores to an exact previous state, no re-activating, ready to go. Thank goodness, I can again take risks, mess things up without thinking about how dificult it is to restore.


I think it is the same :wink: Symantec Norton Ghost 9

If you have an Jaz-drive you can directly copy from hdd to a jazdisk and also copy this image back from jazdisk to the hdd. This can also be done with CD/CDRW/DVD/DVDRW (The disk can be copied bit by bit).

I think it is the same Symantec Norton Ghost 9

ok, but norton ghost has been out quiet a while… at least here, in good old germany… :wink:

Thats true, also in lovely austria :wink: I need this programm to backup the Pc’s of my family, and for this Ghost is very comfortable.

Check out the Acronis products. Acronis True Image 8.0 (-> disk imaging) and Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0 (-> partitioning) are the best products on the market IMHO. Reliable, fast, a ton of extra features and support for most file systems, especially for alternative / “rare” file systems (e.g. Linux / Unix ones).

I had some horrible experience with both Powerquest (-> data loss with Partition Magic) and Symantec (-> even more data loss with Norton Ghost) products.

Hm… i’ve backed up many times and i never get a data loss, maybe i was just lucky (or “i’ve been lucky” my english is really bad :bigsmile: ), who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

I had problems with Drive Image 7, however Acronis True Image 7 & 8 have worked flawlessly for me. Though, I have not used ghost since the days of DOS/win 98.

Good Luck!

Goto the site and study the content.

Same thing. Symantec = company name, Norton = brand name.

BTW, Acronis TI 8.0 build 771 has been released.

It does not support different images, it has the DOS version of Ghost from say 2003 and earlier that boots from the Recoverydisk (Ghost CD).

It will not reboot on its own to recover a drive/partition from inside windows like Ghost2003 does. You must AGAIN boot from the Recoverydisk (Ghost CD). Which takes forever.

It is exactly the same program as PQ Drive Image.

Use Acronis or Ghost 2003.

Bought this about a week ago, and very impressed with its capabilities.
Curiously it was bought as an update but seems to be a full copy. Incidentally the box comes with a copy of Ghost 2003 “included to backup and restore data to : Windows 9x, Me, NT, Unix and DOS systems”. Ghost 9 seems to be XP or 2000Pro+SP2 or later, specific.

.NET framework is also a pre-req.

First impressions are that it is what I have been waiting for all this time, and on test, backed up my C drive to my 3500 apparently very nicely and very quickly. The ability to boot to the CD which brings up the rescue capability means I <think> re-re-re installs :a of Windows products (?) may be hopefully a thing of the past.

However, wondered if anyone is having the same problem with Ghost 9 as I am experiencing? When I try to activate it the box “Unlock Now” refuses to highlight itself to allow it to be selected. Consequently the program considers itself to be a trial version expiring on 25 October 04 :eek:

When I finally did get to Symantec customer support they were very helpful and after an hour on the phone (!) I received an email with explicit instructions on Symclean and use of Regedit to clean out old versions etc.

Have done all that, cleaned all reference to Symantec I could find out of the Registry and reinstalled (twice !). Alas, no change ==> no improvement. Will be going back to Symantec on Monday.

Just to be pedantic, you can back up your images to another computer on your LAN as well.


Maybe I’m missing something here, but you only have to boot from CD if your system has got itself so rooted you can’t boot into Windows. One reason I bought it… Slow? Dunno, I’ve only had this thing a week, but creating a backup of about 11G to two DVD re-recordables took about 20min, some of which can be attributed to the re-recordables. Presumably a backup to HD would be a bit quicker, but, considering the benefits of being able to do a complete back up when (NOT “if”) Windows stuffs itself, I’m not too fussed about an increment in speed??

Not at all familiar with Drive Image 7. Are you saying Symantec have simply rebadged it, or that it provides pretty much the same features ??


Slow? I think people have been saying it is slow to restore, not slow to backup.

This is a feature of most backup programs: the backup is optimised at the expense of the restore, because most people backup often but restore rarely (hopefully never).

I just bought True Image 8. What a disaster!

It does not recognise 2 of my 4 drives (one is a USB flash drive, the other an IBM Microdrive), and when I tried to back up 20GB on my C drive, after TWO DAYS it was only 3% complete!

I have asked for a refund. I’ll keep you posted…