Symantec fails to stop SirCam



I just posted the article Symantec fails to stop SirCam.

Suprise to see symantec fails on this one.They have a big reputation to hold up…

The SirCam worm has revealed weaknesses in anti-virus protection relied on by many firms as a first line of…

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SirCam - I have been sent about 20 damn copies of the damn thing. Quite well made actually.


I have not been hit yet. and it is bad that more ISP’s do not have virus protection built into thier email servers.


Have know for years. Symantec doesn’t make a good viral scanner, only a good Userinterface. The full implementation of heuristic scanning can be found at


Agree with zyron. Kaspersky AVP is the way to go for good AV protection.


I’m surprised about what they claim on this article. The network of my company is protected by NAV for Gateways and every infected email that had to go to my attention was perfectly cleaned by the AV scanner! :7