Sygate Personal Firewall Pro Vs OutPost Firewall



Which do u think is better





IMHO Sygate Personal Firewall Pro. I’ve been using it for three years, never given me any problems. I tried other Firewall software in the past and they didn’t give me as many open options as Sygate did. Using Sygate in conjunction with my Router and I’ve never had the use for an AntiVirus software. :bigsmile:


To each their own, but I have used Sygate for a few years and it has always worked well. :iagree:


Is Sygate a freeware or do u have to pay?


There are two versions of Sygate Personal Firewall, there is the ‘Basic’ version which is free, and there is the ‘Pro’ which costs $35.95… btw they have a 10% off special. :wink:


Thnkz for the info. btw you said that u have used other firewalls but they didn’t give me as many open options as Sygate did, I just wanta ask if u have used outpost pro before.

one mre thing, which would u recommend, the pro or the basic for sygate?


Those who have not used both Sygate Personal Firewall Pro Vs OutPost Firewall are not qualified to give opinions about which is better.

I would disregard opinions from those who have used only one of the two products.


one thing i wanta ask is that i have installed sygate to test its ablilty but then my windows security pops up telling me that i dont have a firewall installed, how do i get it to know that i have sygate running?


dont need to answer my question cuz i have change decided to use outpost, I find it much more better to use then sygate. Sygate even gave me so internet connection problems :a


using Sygate Pro on both machines…love the control it offers over just about everything…


But have u ever used outpost?


have not (needed to)…


It’s doubtful if you will find anyone that has used both programs to give you a qualified opinion.
Like most, I’ve used Sygate Pro but cannot compare it to Outpost as I’ve never used the program. The only other software firewall I’ve used is Zone Alarm. I’m not qualified to give you an objective comparison. I don’t care much for software firewalls as I run dual stacked routers.

Try doing a search for Personal Firewall Reviews. The results should be a bit more objective as it usually comes from someone who has tested the programs and is usually not one-sided.


If I may interject, I have used Outpost, Zone alarm and now happily sit with Sygate Personal. Sygate offers a much wider range of control to play with ports and trusted IP’s than the abovementioned two Firewalls. Have had no conflicts with any Torrent or P2P activity and its easy to train with advanced rules available in the free edition. I honestly dont know what extra I’d need from the $35 USD Upgrade.

What’s your connection type and OS? What problems did you get?


I was unable to connect to the internet using dsl but was resolved onced i uninstalled it. Thankz anyway :iagree:


according to this site outpost is better the sygate but the one thing that makes me mad is that zone alarm got 1st place for firewall :a


Means only one thing - RIGGED! Most reviews are spamming Bullshit, ranked by order of payment.


I have been using Sygate Pro for the past 3 years, I like it and never had any issues.

Perhaps it may be time to change since Symantec will be acquiring Sygate in possibly the near future. I myself are not to fond of Symantec and Norton Products, but that’s just my opinion, many will disagree, which is understandable since we all have opinions.

Read about it here:


AAARGGGHHH!!! :a another one bites the dust…Symantec does nothing but buy up smaller companies with better products and ruins them…