Syberia backup discs

Hello I tried to make backup copies of my Syberia discs from hard drive image files and was only able to copy disc 2 disc one’s image ended up massive (1.42 g).
Is there anyway to overcome this?

Thanks Darryl

Hi, according to syberia is protected with safedisc 2.80 so you need alcohol 120% with safedisc 2/3 profile, but A-Ray scanner reports no protection at all! And when this happens … something is really bad! Anyway I am trying myself right now but I am unable to backup the game too. I will let you knon … :frowning:

Syberia - Safedisc 2.80.011 ? (Portmac)
Syberia - Safedisc 2.51.21 (

There are 2 different protections. What is your burner? Only some burners can copy SafeDisc 2/3 correctly.

If your burner is a SafeDisc killer, then you should use the SafeDisc profile for your game. But if not, then the SafeDisc 2/3 profile will do. Post your burner’s make and model.

My writer is PlextoR 48/24/48A. I think is a one sheep writer. DO you think I have a chance? And how can I tell which safedisc version I have? A-Ray reports no protection. Is there anything else out there that works like A-Ray?

Your drive is a 1 sheeper. This means that you will only be able to back this up with emulation. Do you have a chance. yes. but I don’t know how much of one.

If you want to find out what protection then you could try ClonyXXL or PotectionID as well. Clony is old now but it will detect up to SafeDisc 2.9.

Because your drive is a 1 sheep one then use the SafeDisc 2/3 profile.