Syba Sil680 RAID to IDE bios "downgrade"



I recently purchased a Syba Silicon Image based chipset for 2 of my dvd optical burners. The bios version is, and try as I might to try to upgrade the RAID bios to the IDE bios, I’m having no luck since it says that the upgraded bios is the same version! Can somebody who did this walk me through what to do? I’ve lost amany a burns due to it still being a raid setup. Then again it might jsut be the crappy ide cable that came with the card since the other burners appears to burn stuff fine. Any inquiries? Thanks!


Can anybody comment?


I suspect that your card may have an EPROM on it instead of a flash PROM. Many card manufacturers do this to save money and reduce support services. In this case a flash update utility will probably run “successfully” but when it does a verify it will still show the original ROM contents. They probably offer the card in two versions RAID and non-RAID - the ROM contents being the only difference.


Just to follow up on this - pull the card, locate the ROM (usually the smaller of the two main ICs on this type of card), check the datasheet in the following database:

This should tell you exactly what type of ROM you have on your card - EPROM (one-time programmable) or flash.