Switching Users in XP

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have problems (blue screen) when switching between users in Windows XP with service pack 2 installed.? My PC is up to date with the latest updates…and occasionally when wsitching between users I get the blue screen. Thje message is BUGCODE USB DRIVER.

Any Comments/advice?

ps. Please don;'t give me the obvious…'Dont switch between users"

From what I understand this was a specific problem with the Media Centre Edition of XP, supposedly fixed with a patch released in SP2. Microsoft admits though that further testing is necessary. BUGCODE USB DRIVER suggests that a USB device is improperly installed, its drivers are incompatible or the power to the unit is lacking/faulty. Can you give a little more info on your hardware or any specific changes you’ve made recently.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP2. I have had this problem since I built the PC and installed the S/W on it. I have a Canon USB printer and a USB ADSL modem Netcomm NB2. I have read elsewhere that it might be a USB power problem, but it happends even when the printer is turned off.???

hmmmm - that sounds like the ISP not liking the “switching” of User SIDs (Usernames and Passwords).

1st - it’s a shame you’re using USB for “networking” – use CAT5 Ethernet Cable and a NIC (or Onboard)

2nd - USB is notoriously buggy and Hogs the CPU

3rd - There’s a Registry tweak you may want to try to “sustain” the connection, while switching users (I’m assuming XP Home with FastUser Switching?? – this was designed for DUN, but since DSL/ADSL uses PPPoE, a User/Pass is required and likely that RPC / RAS part of the MS TCP/IP stack)

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Thanks for that…I’ll have a look tonight. I assume this will stop the message “There are other users logged on to this machine. Do you want to close the network connection…” or somehting like that anyway, when I switch between users? I wonder.

Ill see tonght anyway.

I am curious about the hogging of the CPU bit…why is it that certain ISP’s issue you by default with USB modems??? Then when you ask for it to be changed there’s a fee involved somewhere along the lines???

Also…just thought I’d add in that on the odd ocassion I get a blue screen with a different error message which mentions an ATIxxx file of some sort…so I can only assume this has something to do with my graphics card (ASUS 9250). I do know that my graphics card and some USB ports are sharing the same IRQ…16. I can’t change it though…as it seems to be fixed. Do you think this sharing of IRQ could be causing a problem? I have disabled my two onboard serial ports and parallel ports to free up IRQ’s, but somehow that doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

ANy thoughts?

1 . yup :slight_smile:
see the section “Fast User Switching and Internet Connection” Here

  1. Because it’s easier for them to help diagnose issues b/c they’re idiots and mostly b/c it requires you to install their software …ugh! (they say it’s to monitor your connection a good connection - but it’s really to track your ass)

yeah - sounds like an ATi driver issue - or just one of it’s many Control applet settings. Could use DriverCleaner (http://drivercleaner.net/) and completely uninstall and Reinstall the Card …which card is it? – AGP or PCIe ?

I wouldn’t want my USB devices sharing an IRQ with my VC

agp…Can I change it somehow?

Have done the change in registry to keep connection while switching users. I like this idea very much…I’ll se how it goes.

Thanks again!

if you keep getting blue screen bugcode usb drivers buy a powered hub and plug your modem in that.your computer has a chip in it that regulates power takeoff from your coputers power in miliamps.modems can spike above the limit allowed by the computer so crashing you.i installed a power hub and no more problems

steffche dont bother with anything else trust me get a powered hub and plug your modem in to it