Switching To Vista

OK even though every one is telling me Vista Sucks for games. I’m still switching.
But I got banned from Xbox Live Recently just for flashing my DVD Drive so I can play my backups (M$ :Z Major Nelson) But Exactly What games do work with Vista.

I want to play these games on vista.

Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars
Steam (Pretty much all the games)
Tomb Raider Anniversary

The only thing that might be bad about you switching to Vista is the amount of ram you have. Vista is not great with just 1gig of ram.

I have to confess i’m not a games player, but F.E.A.R. Extraction Point runs great here on my system.

I have had one minor issue so far with my games on Vista and it’s the scroll wheel doesn’t work for next/previous weapon, meaning I get killed lots.:frowning: (Microsoft 6000 Laser Mouse). Probably a mouse driver issue but it could be the games software, other than that they work fine. Vista works OK it’s just new and is sure to have some issues.:slight_smile:

Well My Grand dad has only 1gb on his Dell Dimension and his works perfect. It think it mostly revolves around the CPU, Mine is a Dual Core Pentium D
2.80 GHz Which is pretty good. I mean it is a heluva lot faster then my Pentium 4 which was 4ghz.

From what I read so far on why Vista Sucks. Vista uses a protected media path and if you like to record internet radio or video, Vista with its protected media path hampers or completely disables that functionality.

I needed another computer recently and since all PC’s are now Vista, I ended up with a used computer with Windows XP SP2…as i could not buy any new computer with Win XP. One of the retailers, Best Buy says If I bought a new computer from them and installed Win XP over the Vista…the warranty would be voided.

Its your choice however, but to “upgrade” to a operating system with less functionality is not my idea of progress.

Well I just Switched. So far so good.

My solution is to have XP SP2 on one hard drive and Vista Ultimate on the other hard drive. I have always had a dual boot system, and it allows the ultimate compatibility and unlimited range of use.

Vista is actualy pretty good when gaming. DX 10 is faster even on DX 9 games so you get less hitching and more fps. You should look at 2 gig of ram upwards though. The only two problems I came across with vista is that it stores a lot of crap so you need a big hdd. Also, a good tip is to give the executable for the game, admin rights and run with compatability for xp sp2. This sorts out security issues.

The following is a list of games and emus I am running without problem.

Call of duty 1&2
F.E.A.R + F.E.A.R Extaction point
X2 the threat
X3 reunion
Resident evil 4
Pro pinball ( big race, timeshock, fantastic journey )
Pure pinball 1 & 2
Splinter cell, pandora tomorow.

Emu wise:-
project 64
visual boy advance

BTW the codec’s that come with vista are crap. You’d want to put in a decent codec pack. I’m using klite and have updated macromedia flash for call of duty 2.

If you are a creative user then you will not normaly get eax, 3d sound etc unless you have an x-fi. For x-fi, you use a creative program called alchemy to get eax etc… back.

DX10 is absolutely irrelevant when running current games- Vista includes a legacy version of DX for DX9 and earlier. Not to mention the fact that almost nothing is running faster on Vista than XP because the GPU drivers are still in their infancy.

One day, Vista will be fine for games, but right now, you [I]will[/I] take a performance hit unless your system is so unbalanced that the CPU and RAM both bottleneck before the GPU.

Yes directx 9 is used as legacy version but it’s not 9 c they used. The version I believe is refered to as 9 l or something like that and I read that it includes a fix of a suposidly notorious bottleneck that existed in 9 c. This still exists in xp machines unless you compile an xp version of dx10 that exists in source code form, online.
I noticed that my memory bandwidth increased by a heck of a lot when I swapped over.
This translates to noticable smoother performence under games that proccess huge resources like F.E.A.R, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and quake 4.
I see the difference on a daily basis. I always hated xp for the way it hitches under heavy load. I just couldn’t get it to work that well for games.
I did read online that some nvida gfx users were having problems with certain driver versions but that not all are giving problems. I’m supprisingly using a slightly older set. 158.18_forceware_winvista_32bit_english. It’s working great for me.

EDIT:- Was just thinking that it may depend on the hardware you use as well. The reason I beleive I got so many problems under xp is that I am using amd and have always had a lousy bandwidth under xp. GFX wise, I was using a 1 gig 7950 gx2 until I added another a few days ago. The two cores on my gfx cards are working cleaner under the driver set I’m using for some reason. Less off pixel center garbage etc.

A major problem is that many computers come with the OS installed on the HDD with all the needed drivers; wipe the HDD and install another OS and GOOD Luck finding the needed drivers. If I buy a new computer with Vista and want XP I could be out of luck without the needed drivers. I had that problem with a SONY vaio, wiped the HDD and installed XP pro but nothing would work as the mainboard drivers ans other drivers were in the revovery partition or disc set.

Heres a link to an article regarding directx 9l and the use of it as directx 10 in xp.

I have Direct X 10 on Vista now. But half my games don’t support it.

You all seem to forget the 3 important factors for DX10 usage:

  1. Vista.
  2. A DX10 compliant VGA Card - lets face it the DX API is completely and utterly hardware dependant.
  3. Software (game) coded under the DX10 API SDK.

@deadlysensi - you cannot possibly utilise DX10.
@Id33k - likewise.

So where did DX10 come into this discussion?

For those that care about DX9.0L:

Migrating to Vista at present is still uncharted. My games box still runs XP (ignore the sig) as I encountered to many peculiarities with Vista. Finally SLI is functional yet 3D Mark shows that it slightly lags behing XP going from 8900 down to 7800 points - but the game play is still fine. That said I cannot get a few games to run or install. Some games require me to run as Admin, others are perfectly fine.

I cannot get sound via my headset for VOIP on Battlefield 2142 - Direct Sound has been summarily destroyed by Vista (which is great so I wont bag it).

The whole RAM debate s a crock (no offense) as many mistake superfetch’s memory hogging for a negative. I’ve run Vista on boxes with onboard VGA and 512Mb of RAM without issue.

In my opinion - jump into it whole-heartedly - but don’t expect too much. Definite +1 on dual-boot.