Switching Regions



How can i switch the Region settings of my DVD-ROM driver to Region2.

please contact me if you know about anything relating to it.

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You may legally change a region 5 (FIVE) times (RPC2 system) in any DVD player wether it’s a dvd rom (ide) or stand alone player (connected to your tv). After the 5th time , the region is set PERMANENTLY.
So if your 5th time was region 4… it will FOR EVER be region 4 that the dvd player will ONLY play.

Usually the manufacturer uses one time to change the region to the country it will be sold to , so that leaves you 4 times.

If you have a region 1 setting at the moment (USA) the usual way to change the region setting by inserting a dvd in it which just is region 2. The dvd player will pop up with some question if you want to change the region settings.

Sometimes this is done silently… the dvd player sets the region to 2 and you have 4 times left to change it.

If the above is not the case , check your manual.

And then there’s the matter of region free (RPC 1 system)

this is NOT illegal ( in The Netherlands , i have no clue if it is in the US of A ) , BUT the warranty of your dvd player will usually be gone. The dealer of your player is NOT required to help you if you mess up the bypass or complain that your dvd player is stuck into some region you don’t want it to be.

The method of bypassing the region in dvd players are various. Sometimes there’s a reversed engineered firmware (Which IS illegal , because reverse engineering is !) , sometimes a secret key combination on the remote control of your stand alone dvd player , also there’s a method of using a special programmable remote control and some code.

These methods are widely available on the net and Google might be a helpful tool in searching for them.

If you want help with this , tell me the name , type , brand of the dvd player and wether it’s a
standalone or attached to a computer.

There’s also another thing that’s called Region Code Enhancement (RCE). This is not widely used but it will make some movies not playable on region code free dvd players.