Switching Out Elements Inside a VOB File

Hey All,

I’m familiar with the method of swapping out individual VOB files using DVDdecrypter/IFOupdate, but I want to try something a little more complicated. I have taken a disc and ripped and demuxed it using decrypter. I now have the original MPEG-2 files. What I want to do is edit out a small segment of the MPEG-2 file and replace it with another MPEG-2 file of similar length. Audio is not an issue here. For example’s sake, let’s say I had a disc that had commercials on it. Say 4 commercials multiplexed to one VOB file. I want to take the 30 second Ford Escort commercial and replace it with a 30 second Chevy Blazer commercial. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and could look over my planned methodology before I start to give me some pointers. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Rip the DVD using DVDdecrypter’s file mode so that I get all the VOB, IFO, and BUP files. Demux the VOB file that I want to change to its original MPEG-2 stream.

  2. Encode the new footage to MPEG-2 using the software of my choice.

  3. Use MPEG2Schnitt to edit out the unwanted footage from the original MPEG-2 stream. Split the file so that I have one that has all the footage before the edit (where I will insert the new footage), and one file that has all the footage after the edit.

  4. Load the 3 MPEG-2 files up in my authoring software. Arrange them in the proper order and compile the image. This will give me a VOB file containing the footage how I want it arranged and an IFO file to go along with it.

  5. Delete the original VOB file and replace it with my newly authored VOB file (renaming it to match).

  6. Open IFOupdate and set the original IFO path to point to the original ripped files. Set the authored IFO path to point to the files I just authored. Set the mode to adjusted cell mode and make sure that only “autocorrect VTS sectors” and “autoanalyze original IFO” are checked in the options menu. Update the IFO file.

  7. Burn the project using the software of my choice.

That’s the only way to do it that I could think of off the top of my head. I have yet to try this to see if it actually works, but I will be doing so shortly. If anyone has any suggestions or an easier method I’m all ears. I know there are other ways of doing it, but I’m trying to avoid capturing and/or re-authoring the entire disc.


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Yep, that sounds okay to me and should work just fine. Another option is to use MPEG2VCR instead of MPEG2Schnitt.


Thanks for the pointer to MPEG2VCR. I checked out their web page and am interested in their MPEG video wizard. Any experience with that?


No not really, I think I have it installed but have never used it. It appears to be just a wizard to using mpeg2vcr. Personally I hate wizards :smiley: