Switching my ISP

Hey guys, I’m considering switching ISPs because right now I’m stuck with optimum online. I can’t use bit torrent with them without getting capped : | I’m considering moving to Time Warner or Verizon. Are either of these ISPs bad for bittorrent? I look at the list of bad ISPs compiled in the Azureus wikionary, and neither of them were listed. I just want to confirm I’m not just leaving a crappy ISP for another.

I have Verizon, I use Utorrent 1.6, do port forwarding in my router and have my UPLOAD setting locked at 80% of my upload bandwidth and it has worked well for a long time.

Many ISPs cap P2P downloading but with Azureus & utorrent it’s possible to bypass this.

Have a look at this link . It’s certainly worked for me & others I know.

Is there a link that tells how to setup Utorrent to avoid the caps?

Thanks much.

I don’t think that’s possible with any client, as it’s the ISP that supplies the bandwidth in the first place. However, I hope I’m wrong - I use uTorrent as well, and I’ve been cut off by my ISP (Cogeco, in Canada) 3 times this month. I’d switch, but I’m in the country with limited options: I’m lucky to have cable here (16 mb/s down, 1 mb/s up, no throttling) but all other ISP’s here are dialup. Anyway, I surfed around quite a bit looking for an answer to the cap problem, to no avail. But maybe there is an answer out there, somewhere, after all…

Did you read that TimC post? About how to avoid it with Azureus?

Yes, I did. Maybe I misunderstood. That article concerns what is called “traffic shaping” or “throttling”, which is different from a “cap”. Throttling is when your ISP purposely limits your download/upload speeds. A cap is an overall bandwidth limit, usually calculated in overall throughput over a month long period. Exceed it, and you can get cut off from the net for whatever length of time by the ISP. I thought you meant “cap”, not “throttle”. As far as throttling goes, in uTorrernt, just go to Options > BitTorrent and set Protocol Encryption to “Enabled”, and check “Allow incoming legacy connections” You should be covered now, although a few ISP’s can still detect what’s going on, from what I gather. Hope that helps!

{edit} BTW If the peers you are connected to don’t use this, then their incoming data may be throttled. It’s a 2-way street.

Thanks for the post. I appreciate it.


In utorrent it’s even easier.

In the Bittorrent section of Preferences just select Forced in Protocol Encryption.

I don’t think I did anything more than that, apart from a high port number.

Did I misunderstand the original post about capping? The way it read seemed as though it was referring to reduced download speeds & that’s what the changes I’ve pointed out refer to.

I doubt there’s anything to overcome any GigaByte limits imposed by the ISP.