Switching internal and external BenQ firmwares



I everybody. :slight_smile:

I have a (KHypermedia-rebadged) internal BenQ DW822A burner that has been installed in a USB case, and loaded with the external BenQ EW822U burner firmware (latest version 7.HS). It works beautiful as an external USB DVD±RW burner connected to my laptop.

Now, BenQ has released a firmware upgrade for the internal DW822A burner that supports DVD+R DL. The person from which I purchased this burner told me that I can flash my burner to support DVD+R DL. He instructed me to get this WinDWFlash.exe application and B3LC.cvt file from “Unofficial BenQ DVD ReWriter Firmware Page” http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm.

It didn’t work. I got the pop-up “flashing fail” and the following error message within 3 seconds:

“Linear Check Sum = DC06
Rotated Check Sum = DE9A
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!
======== FAIL 1========”

Do you know what went wrong? I had shut down everything else on the computer while runnning WinDWFlash. The USB connnection was also direct (not via a hub).

How do I go about doing this properly? Or perhaps it is not possible at all? Hmm…

I would like to get DVD+R DL writing on this burner, but I don’t want to unwittingly flash and kill what is otherwise a wonderful burner. Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Hi Taylor5,

It’s me again. I just remembered about a long time know problem with Internal BenQ Firmware. With the DW822A and many earlier DVD models, there was a know issue that the 822 would work or not work in an external enclosure (depending on FW version).

Maybe a long time BenQ fan can provide some more details on the issue…



Then I guess one has to actually test out these burners and various firmware combinations to see if an internal burner will work in an enclosure (external USB) environment.

I suppose I can risk my burner by testing this out. Anyone has the external EW822U firmware in .cvt format (version 7.GS or 7.HS) so that I can try to get back if need be? I did a quick search, but couldn’t find one.

Also, I just noticed that apparently a DW822A model was sold in the U.S., and a DW822A-Plus model was sold in Europe. Accordingly, BenQ’s U.S.'s website has the latest FW version B3JCY released on October 13, 2004. However, BenQ’s Europe’s website has the B3LC released on January 10, 2005.

This B3LC.cvt file that I tried to use is thus apparently extracted from the DW822A-Plus’ FW. Could this be why my attempt at flashing my U.S. model DW822A did not work? Hmm…


One Again,
The 822A and the 822A-Pro are the exact same drive, just bundled with different software at the retail level.

Another thing I just remembered, some of the 822A firmware had to be flashed with the drive attached via an IDE cable. Then the drive could be reinstalled in the external case. But please remember some of the 822A firmware by version with not work with a drive in an external enclosure.


Yeah, I suspect that what I’m hoping to do is not possible.

Or at least it’s not possible with the drive in the external enclosure. I did a test where I started the first step in flashing the drive with the official .exe file. It specifically warned not to flash the drive if it is in an external environment. So, yes, it looks like any attempts would have to be done with the drive attached via the IDE cable.