Switching from 708 to 712 - worth it?

seems that the 712 has also some troubles. my 708 works quite fine now.
is it worth to upgrade to an 712 (for free :-))

is the write quality still as good as the old Plextor, or are there any drawbacks ?

is it still possible to write 4x dvd+r with 8x speed ?
or 8x dvd+r with 12x speed
or even 4x dvds with 12x ?
and how is burning with dvd-r can i use slower dvds and burn them with higher speed too ?


My Plextor PX-712A is less picky than my PX-708A. As of yet I’ve only made good burns with my PX-712A despite of the problems reported here. The same applies to the PX-708A. In general: if you stick to quality media you won’t run into much troubles (if any at all). I think it’s worth to upgrade if you’re interested in faster recording speeds, more supported techniques (PI/PO tests, SecuRec, GigaRec, etc.). If you don’t care much about this then there is no need to upgrade.

Both the PX-708A and the PX-712A can burn certain DVDR media at faster speeds. The PX-712A can burn a lot of 4x DVD+R media at 6x or 8x. I have not come across any 4x media that can be burned at 12x. Some 8x DVD+R media can be burned at 12x though. The same applies to DVD-R media. The Plextor PX-712A can burn some 4x DVD-R discs at 8x but I haven’t had much experience with this (I use DVD+R media mostly).

I only wish that was true for my PX-712A (either the last one, or the one I have now). I have 8X rated DVD-R media that’s on their ‘recommended’ list, and it burns (at 8X) with a Plextools SUM8 peek PIE of over 1,200 (total of about 3,800,000).

The same media burns very well on my Pioneer DVR-A07XLA (Peek PIE 16, total of about 62,000) burned at the same speed.

If you look here:


you’ll see that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to PX712A.
I’ve had two bad drives, suffering both of the same symptoms, and even my third hand picked drive, only works “well” with “most” media … FW 1.04 seems to me worse than FW1.03 … and I’m waiting - as many others who have significantly worse drives than me - for Plextor to release their firmware upgrade at the end of the month, which allegedly will fix all these problems!

My advice: currently it is a lottery … if you can wait until at the end of the month, just wait and see if this magic FW will cure these problems for all those people affected … if it does, then go for it, otherwise just stay with your 708 which works great. Based on my experience and what I’ve read in various forums here and at cdrinfo.com, I would play safe if I were you!

712 is already absolete anyway, you can buy brand new released Pioneer 108 or NEC 3500 drives for less than the current price of a 712, and they are 16x drives with 4x DL!!!

I like my 712A. I’ve not had the problems some have posted here. All I’ve ever used in it for media is Ridata branded Ricohjpnr01 and TDK branded CMC. I’ve had perfect burns every time, even with Speed Reading.

If I had the $140 back to do it again, I’d get the NEC 2500A instead (I paid $49 at Office Max), and flash-upgrade it with Herrie’s V2.16 2500A@2510A firmware. I did that supertune with one and now it does about everything the 712A does (with Ricoh 4x media), plus it has dual layer capability for the future. The video image quality is excellent-plus!

I have no use for the 12X write speeds of the 712A because the 12x media is 25 times the price of quality Ridata 4x, which I bought a ton of, and which works perfect for my requirements.